Contact Information

Marco Antonio de Hoyos (mhoyos)

Where in the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email: mhoyos AT gmail DOT com


Ubuntu Forums:

IRC: mhoyos @, channels: #ubuntu-ar >>

About Me

I started using Linux since 2000, when the distributions were sold on magazines. My first knowledge of GNU/Linux was self-taught and in the year 2003 I did my first GNU/Linux training course. I was a founder member of the proyect UTUTO since 2004 and had participate in SOLAR, Software Libre Argentina. During the last years I have been participating in diferent events of Software Libre Argentina, and I also have given Technical and philosofic talks in several Argentinian provinces. By the end of 2007 I started participaiting more intensively in Ubuntu argentinian comunnity, and today I am one of the moderators of the list and an active participant of the Argentinian Ubuntu Community.

Ubuntu Contribution

  • I'm using Ubuntu since Warty and has over 10 years experience with GNU / Linux.
  • Since November '08 I'm a moderator of the our LoCo Mailing List. We are the most active LoCo Team forum out there (more than 10000 posts, on average 20 per day), and to make sure that the CoC and the forum's rules are always observed, I read every post. We are also having a great amount of mails in the mailing list

  • provides technical assistance to the people who come to Ubuntu via the mailing list or forum.
  • Active participation in the Free Software community in Argentina, representing the Ubuntu-ar group.
  • Recognition of the GNU / Linux in Argentina, by the participation in different events and high level of expertise to provide technical support to users.

Free Software Experience

  • Ex Vice president of SOLAR - Software Libre Argentina.
  • Ex member of the Core-Team of UTUTO Project, GNU/Linux 100% free distribution
  • Qualified Trainner in GNU/Linux for the Argentine Public Administration (INAP, ONTI, GCBA, PFA).
  • Site administrator of Tecnicos Linux
  • Developer of the CIBERLINUX (Linux for cybercafes) based on Ubuntu.
  • Active participant of the Argentine community Software Libre and GNU/Linux

What I've done

  • I've been deeply involved in making a better web page for our Loco Team, with updated information, HOWTOs, general info, etc

  • I've been helping to create a bigger group of users to make the LoCo Team more involved.

  • Participation in "Fabrica de Fallas" An encounter of free cultures (software, art, music) where we had a Stand and we were with the LoCo team gaving out cds, installing ubuntu and solving peoples problems and doubts about ubuntu.

  • Participation in the Flisol 2009. Some pictures here

I would like to

  • Keep working on the web site to make it *the* starting point for all the potential Argentinian users.
  • Keep our presence in Free Software events and (why not?) create our own events.




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