• Name : Michał D. Kasprzak

About me

The first time I used a computer in 2001. First own computer I get in 2004. In years 2004-2008 I use Windows XP, in 2009 Windows 7 and in 2010 I install Linux. My first distribution, which can easily guess, was Ubuntu. I use too Mint, Debian, Arch, PCLinuxOS, DSL and Puppy Linux.

One of my interest is programming. Currently I'm learning C++ and Python. When I using Windows, I learned Visual Basic. NET, but I came to the conclusion that it is impractical language.

My hobbies are music, animals and graphic.

I write on blogs. I have own website and I'm editor of the ubuntu-pomoc.org (Polish website with tutorials for Ubuntu).

I like help other people with Linux. I answer in the forums and IRC. Helping others gives me much pleasure.

I use Linux, because is free and libre. Is fast and comfortable.

Skill Set

  • Good knowledge of English
  • Peaceful resolution of problems
  • Peaceful problem-solving ability

My Contributions

Team Membership

Support & Bug Triage


  • Translating Ubuntu manual into Polish


  • Polish LoCo Team member

Note: homepage "template" borrowed from Charlie Kravetz. Please feel free to use it if desired.

Testimonials of others for Ubuntu Member

  • Currently nothing. --MichałKasprzak


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