Linux History

I've been using Linux since January 2003. I first installed it on my G3 iBook because OSS software I used (mainly the Gimp at the time) wasn't up-to-date on Mac OSX. For various lengths of time, I ran Yellow Dog Linux, Gentoo, Debian, Suse and finally Ubuntu. In November 2005 I left my iBook days behind me for an x86 machine because there were no Broadcom drivers for the Mac.

OSS Idealology

I prefer Open Source Software wherever possible, but accept and realize that there are areas where OSS does not provide the best (or even a usable) tool. Closed source software I regularly use includes Picasa, iMovie, and closed source video drivers. I very highly prefer legal solutions even if I do not agree with the laws involved: I am happy that Linspire's CNR will soon be available for Ubuntu. I plan on buying DVD and mp3 playing software.

Involvement with Ubuntu

  • I am a member of the UtahTeam and am regularly on IRC at #ubuntu-utah

  • I did the initial design of the CD stand which is available on the DIYMarketing page. Others with better graphics skills have bettered what did. Picture Here

  • I worked with a professor in my major (Information Technology, at BYU) to put Ubuntu on external hard drives.
    • A trial run with this semester's web programming class is currently under way (Feb, 2007). Each student is required to buy an external USB hard drive. Ubuntu is installed on the drive with Apache, Tomcat, MySQl, PHP, Ethereal and an SSH server. VMware is installed so the students can do the IIS related labs. It is hoped that this configuration will allow the IT students to be system administrators over their computers, while removing the liability from the lab administrators. If the trial run is successfully, the use of Ubuntu on external drives could become a requirement for many other classes.
    • Forum post with instructions available here.

== About Me ==

  • I go by the name "Stuporglue" online since there are several other Michael Moores in the world who seem to try to defame my name.
  • I love working with graphics. Inkscape and the Gimp are my two favorite programs.
  • I love programming in Ruby. It's fun and intuitive compared to Java or Perl.
    • I can program in Java, C++, PHP, AppleScript, Javascript and others if I have to, but programming in Ruby is fun.

  • I love programming in Vim. Not Gvim, not Vi. Vim.
    • Vim + Screen == productivity
  • I am working on transitioning my wife's photography business to Ubuntu from Mac OSX.

    • The 19 inch widescreen has helped her transition.
    • I had to get rid of the brown
    • She's OK with GnuCash

    • Automatically creating DVDs is easy when you've got command line tools (dvd-slideshow, dvdauthor, mkisofs, imagemagick) and ruby.
    • Neither F-spot nor Digikam can manage 6,000 with reasonable speed even with a 3GHz processor and 1 Gb RAM, Picasa keeps up the pace just fine.

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