Ubuntu History and Involvement

Ubuntu user since July 2005. Previously a user of SCO -> Caldera (starting with Preview Release I) -> RedHat -> KRUD -> Debian. (With some side trips to Solaris, HPUX, Plan9 and the ilk)

At this point I've not done much for the community, just a little local advocacy. With a little focus that will change.

I'm currently gearing up to help the DocumentationTeam

Personal Information

Professionally I'm a network management application administrator. If you know what Vital QIP, Concord, HP Openview and such are you have an idea of what I do.

Non-professional activities include being a bicyclist1, Perl muddler, photographer, brewer, beer journalist, photographer, agent of meme propagation, host for local web sites and email lists.

Current Projects

  • Learing SQL
  • Preparing to ride 10,000 km in 2006

Contact Information

Email: <mikeraz AT SPAMFREE patch DOT com>
IRC: MichaleR mikeraz Mira4005 everywhere I go.


  1. In automobile centric USA this is a distinction (1)

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