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Who I am

My name is Michał and I'm 16 years old. I'm in my first year in high school. On the internet I'm known as Quintasan. I'm interested in programming and skateboarding and japanese culture.

My Ubuntu story

I have been using Kubuntu since Dapper, and I must say I was (and I'm still) satisfied with it. I was helping with translation to polish first but soon I lost interst and I stopped doing it. After few months I was fed up with being a typical user and perspective of thousands of people using fruits of my labour was very tempting so somewhere in the middle of Januty development cycle I decided I should pay a visit to #kubuntu-devel and get some work. I found it very quickly :). I started with minor packaging jobs, the applied to Kubuntu Members but got rejected (1 month of contributions was not enough). I made my way to Ubuntu L10N Polish Team and started rocking on kubuntu-docs polish translation. Then on April 2009 I got to Kubuntu Members and since June I'm a member of Kubuntu Ninjas.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

Most of my work revolves around Kubuntu development, whether it's packaging, bug fixing/tiriaging or translating. I'm up for everything I can do and what will speed up development of Kubuntu. I enjoy working with hmm...almost everyone as long they are willing to cooperate with me Smile :)

Things I could do better

I tend to write sparse changelogs and sometime's I forget that the easiest solution is the best solution available

Plans for the future


  • Create a blog written in English and get syndication on Planet (done)
  • Further improve my coding skills and help with development of applications and creation of patches.
  • Find more translators so we can keep up with Polish translation of documentation.
  • Start contributing to KDE directly (started helping with development of Shaman in playground).

What I like least in Ubuntu

Updates, the thing I liked in Fedora 11 was deltas, it greatly reduces the size of updates, I was wondering if it's possible to get something similar for deb packages. The needs-packaging list too long. It needs fixing ASAP Smile :)


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General feedback

I don't recall how many of Quintasan's packages I've sponsored, but his work comes up regularly on the KDE related packages I review and sponsor. He does a lot of good work and I am glad to see him apply for MOTU. While most of his Universe work has been on KDE related packages, I endorse him for MOTU. There is a long tail of KDE packages in Universe that need looking after and he has demonstrated the ability to do it.

Specific Experiences of working together

As he mentioned, he is involved in the "Kubuntu Ninjas" and I have worked with him packaging new releases of KDE. I just reviewed several of his packages over the weekend as part of the KDE 4.3.80 update cycle and they were in good shape. I have also reviewed package updates of his for Universe and don't recall any significant issues.

Areas of Improvement

I would prefer to see a more verbose style in debian/changelog. Since we team maintain, it is very important for people to be able to go back and understand both what and why things were changed.

Jonathan Thomas

General feedback

I have sponsored several of Quintasan's packages, though I can't recall any exact number. He's an energetic person when it comes to Kubuntu, and energy is exactly what Kubuntu needs to ensure that the universe packages related to KDE stay maintained. As a sponsor, I endorse his petition for MOTU.

Specific Experiences of working together

I sponsored the first of Michal's contributions to the bzr packaging branch. It was a patch he had cherrypicked from upstream to fix a bug in Lancelot caused by the Qt 4.5 transition. Since then he has regularly participated alongside me in packaging new KDE releases.

I reviewed several of his updates for this most recent 4.3.80 beta release for lucid, and overall they were quite solid. Just a few minor pieces of cruft that he overlooked, but nothing you could hold against him, really.

On the universe side of things I have also sponsored several of his package updates as well as a few new packages. I can't really complain about the quality of any universe package he has presented for sponsoring, and any minor problems were quickly resolved. He knows when to ask questions when he doesn't know what to do. For these reasons I trust him and the packaging abilities he has demonstrated to be fully capable of maintaining packages in the Ubuntu Universe archive.

Areas of Improvement

As mentioned, he does tend to write sparse changelog entries. All other small faults just need time and experience, which I believe applies to us all. Smile :)

Harald Sitter

General feedback

Michal is packaging about anything he comes across (much like me in my early days ;)), the important part is that the packages are of very high quality, I can't remember any major screw-ups really. He is qualified for about any job I would a MOTU to be qualified for, he gets in touch with Debian developers regularly, merges all that is mergable and is quite vicious going after them poor bugs.

Specific Experiences of working together

Anything on revu, coming from Michal. I reviewed most of his revu uploads, no major problems IIRC.

He also works well together with others as proofed by his Kubuntu Ninja work, which requires a lot of communication and cooperation.

Areas of Improvement

Needs to stop jumping to conclusions and start communicating with upstream a bit more (which obviously is more time consuming, but mostly proofs for better quality).


General feedback

Michal is a keen packager and a fast learner. His work on KDE packages is high and he has packaged a bunch of things in universe. We would benefit from having him able to upload and sponsor others uploads to universe.


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