Full name

Michiel Sikkes

Date of birth

July 19th, 1988


michiel at eyesopened dot nl






I've been involved with GNU/Linux and GNOME for about three years now. I started developing, contribing and maintaining applications around the GNOME 2.0 hype and started to become more and more interested in open source software development.

My first package was beep-media-player which I packaged for Debian. I maintained it for about a year and stopped doing so some time ago after noticing upstream was not very active anymore and the upstream bugreports still flushed in. http://packages.qa.debian.org/b/beep-media-player.html

After this I started writing little GNOME applications like Trash Applet which is now addopted in the GNOME Applets module. Soon I signed up with the GNOME foundation and obtained CVS access. Also, I wrote some patches for nautilus (higification of progress dialogs).

This July, there was a paper published written by Reinout v. Schouwen, Ronald Bultje (Gstreamer/Totem fame) and me published in the Dutch Linux Magazine about GNOME.

Involvements in Ubuntu

Little (GNOME) translation activity



Update Notifier

I've contribed and packaged update-notifier which is maintained by MichaelVogt.

Package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hoary/gnome/update-notifier

Update Manager

Furthermore, I'm the "upstream" maintainer of Update Manager and co-maintainer of the update-manager package in Ubuntu which is also maintained by MichaelVogt.

Website: http://www.gnome.org/~michiels/projects/update-manager

Package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hoary/gnome/update-manager


If I become Ubuntu Member and/or maintainer I will get the chance to improve package management and updates in Ubuntu far easier than I can do now. Also, I might get some work out of MichaelVogts work and de-stress him a bit Wink ;-)

My availability for Ubuntu will be part time because of office- and schoolwork. Estimated tim of 15 hours per week.


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