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IRC Meeting on November 4th, 2007


  • 1: Welcome 2: Packaging Jam recap 3: Small groups discussion
    • a: West Coasters: ideas for activities? b: North-Central: ideas? c: East Coasters: ideas?
    4: LUG/SIG cooperation [greg-g]
    • d: any groups you want to collaborate with? On what?
    5: Penguicon discussion [tjagoda] 6: New User/Member resource creation? (FAQ, Tutorials, etc) [greg-g] 7: Questions/Comments/Suggestions 8: Close


  • Talked about a group in the Troy area to better serve those who can not make it to Ann Arbor.
  • LAN Party preliminary discussion. Lead for that is tjagoda
  • greg-g will work on making a Google Calendar of Linux related events in Michigan
  • Packaging Jam recap from rick_h: turn out was good and all had a good time. This will definitely be a recurring activity.
  • Activities for PenguiCon are coming along nicely. We are wanting to put on a panel (topic: Hardy? Intro to Ubuntu?) and help running the computer lab with the LUG (will need volunteers, no Linux troubleshooting skills required, but nice).

  • New User resources: a phone-book directory for new users of Linux/Ubuntu with groups in their area that they can join and computer stores that support Linux.


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