Mihai Felseghi (aka akulah)


About me:

  • I am an 24 years old Ubuntu user from Romania.I'm using linux for some time and my first distro was Red Hat Linux, I don't remember what release it was but I didn't stick to it very much because my hardware didn't work very well with it (at that time I was just a newbie in the linux world so I was unable to fix my problem ).I decided then to change the distro so my choise was Suse that everybody said is very easy to use and used it for several months , but I still wasn't satisfied with it so I decided to try "every" known distro and see what I like more (so I tried: Slackware, Mandrake, Fedora, etc. ) until I've discovered Debian and it was the best distro I've ever used and sticked to it for a year or more.But one day I heard about Ubuntu and heard that was Debian based so I've decided to give it a try and was amazed.. a better Debian! I'm still using it and still want to use it in the future and more ,it is the thing into what I want to get involved. With Ubuntu in the open source revolution.

Contributions to Ubuntu:


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