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I am new to Linux. I have used Unix systems in the past in corporate environments (mostly Solaris). That was years ago though. I was a software engineer for 10+ years, but left the job market in 2002 for personal reasons. I started out doing Mac and Unix programming. I used C and C++, but also some 4GLs. I switched to Windows in 1998 and was still using that same crappy PC until recently.

I am now trying to reenter the job market, but it hasn't been going too well (too much of a resume gap). So I decided to just dive in and start doing development. I needed a new PC for my development workstation, so I made the move to Linux.


I do mostly Java development these days, but I'm also enjoying learning Python. It's a great language, I must say. I much prefer it to other scripting languages. I'm also learning PHP to setup a website for myself (PHP is what my ISP offers for that).

I'm really enjoying learning Linux. The Solaris systems I used in the past had lousy desktop environments. I just stayed at the commandline. I always had a Sun workstation on my desk next to a Mac or Windows PC and always wondered why I couldn't have decent GUI like Mac and Windows offered with a decent OS like my Sun workstation offered. Now I finally have both!

Aside from doing development, I enjoy reading literature and philosophy (when I have time), studying zen buddhism (yes, I became a zen buddhist during my career break), film, and music (you can see what I've been listening to at last.fm). I also enjoy nature hikes, but I don't get around to doing too many of those, these days.

I wish I had more time to pursue all of my interests, but I really need to get back to work, so I'm focusing most of my time on bringing my skills up to date and doing development. I am really enjoying it. Since I dove into Ubuntu I find myself usually working at my PC late into the night (or into the early morning). I'm hooked! It reminds of how I was years ago when I was first getting development. I have to keep reminding myself to stop at some point and get some sleep.



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