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Hi, my name is Mike Bronner. I have been using Linux off and on for about 5 or 6 years now. I started my first few years working my way up through various Suse versions, and eventually dropped Linux for a while, because I didn't have the time I needed to learn all the details and master command-line Linux. However, with the advent of Linspire 4.x and eventually 5.0 I was able to start using Linux as a non-specialist. Finally there were GUIs and windows that I could use. I know, I know... you're probably wondering why I don't stick with Windows in the first place. Well, truth be told I (like so many others in the Linux community) are sick of being pushed around by Microsoft's Licensing charades. I was delighted to find a most helpful and giving community that would enable others to achieve things in Linux for little or no costs to individuals.

(Back to the original story:) Well, then I got my hands on a copy (download) of Ubuntu, and I was sold. Linspire was based on KDE, and I prefer the Gnome interface (just a personal preference). So I installed Ubuntu and I was hooked. Very simple, minimalistic install, only what I needed (well, a few extras, but not like Linspire)! I loved it. And I haven't turned back since. Since Ubuntu 6.10 I have used it as my sole Desktop OS at home (work mandates Windows, so no luck there). [The only reason for me to boot up in Windows every so often is to play that one game that won't run in Wine or Cedega.]

During this time I have also become an active member in the Wine community and maintain numerous applications in Wine AppDB, where I help with testing, providing feedback, and reporting bugs.

Goals for 2007

IconsPage/UbuntuGrey.png Become an official Ubuntu Member.
IconsPage/UbuntuGrey.png Achieve 500 posts in the Ubuntu Forums.1
IconsPage/UbuntuGrey.png Write 12 How-To Articles on Ubuntu.
IconsPage/UbuntuGrey.png Write at least 60 blog entries regarding technologies involved with or related to Ubuntu.
IconsPage/UbuntuGrey.png Develop at least 1 Linux application or tool.

1 This will help me to both get more involved in the community, as well as keep me up-to-date on Ubuntu going-ons.

Current Blog Posts regarding Ubuntu

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The D-Link WDA-1320 is supported by Ubuntu 6.10 "Edgy Eft " 'out of the box'. This is great news, as so far there have been innumerable issues with wireless ...


Many thanks to AaronToponce: I used his wiki page as a template for mine.


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