About Me


I have been lurking in the Linux community since the mid-90s, when I first started poking around on Linux boxes set up by friends in the BBS community. Soon after that, I found a pile of 3.5" disks, spent a few days downloading images, and I was running Slackware. Later, my Linux box (running kernel 2.0.32) served as a NAT gateway which continually redialed our family's 56k modem in order to provide constant internet access to our LAN.

I fixed my first bug in Ubuntu (LP: 332253) during a leave of absence from work, while taking care of our newborn daughter and one-year-old son. I have been an Ubuntu fan ever since I learned of its existence, and I hope to contribute more (as time permits).


If I'm trying to figure out how some code works, I like to have ctags handy. I have uploaded a profile to my Launchpad bzr repository with some handy functions for doing this. The use model is as follows:

  • Run apt-get source <package> (after making an appropriate directory, to avoid cluttering the current directory)

  • Run sudo apt-get build-dep <package>

  • Change to the directory where the sources got extracted
  • Run debian/rules build

  • Run the genctags shell function.

    • This will attempt to detect the required library include paths (including system header files) and generate a tags file, which you can use with vim. (or another editor that supports ctags)



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