19:31 < tonyyarusso> Well, I guess we can get going and see if anyone else filters in.
19:31 < tonyyarusso> Agenda item 1: Welcome to our second online meeting everyone!  :)
19:32 < UbuntuMN-Guest> Dang! I must have missed the first one.  I was at the in person meeting though!
19:32 < tonyyarusso> Note that outside of meetings, this channel is also good for support, hanging out, or throwing random ideas around.  We have a pretty small percentage of people on IRC right now (Launchpad has 49...), so remember to mention IRC to your friends.
19:33 < tonyyarusso> UbuntuMN-Guest: Yeah, that was in Octoberish - you can catch up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Meetings/MeetingOne whenever it's convenient though.
19:33 < tonyyarusso> September rather, my bad.
19:33 < UbuntuMN-Guest> Yeah, I'm on the ubuntu mn mailing list, that's how I knew to be here tonight.
19:34 < tonyyarusso> Do we have anyone from TCLUG and/or who is familiar with organizing installfests here at the moment?
19:34 < tonyyarusso> I haven't been able to reach Jeremy, who seems to be the main person to talk to for it, so we might have to postpone that topic.
19:35 < tonyyarusso> I was hoping we might be able to work with that group to put something together for late January or so, or anytime this winter really.
19:35 < homanj> tonyyarusso: i have been following the tclug list semi-closely, and it appears Jeremy has stepped down as leader of the lug
19:35 < homanj> eric peterson is the new lead, i think
19:36 < tonyyarusso> Aaah, phooey.  /me notes to update mental contact list
19:36 < tonyyarusso> homanj: do you have Eric's e-mail address handy?
19:36 < homanj> tonyyarusso: let me see if i can find it
19:37 < homanj> srcfoo@gmail.com
19:37 < tonyyarusso> (How'd I miss that - I'm on that ML too)
19:37 < tonyyarusso> Thanks - I guess I'll follow up with him shortly then.
19:37 < tonyyarusso> I guess we'll move on to #2 then - "Other winter events"
19:38 < tonyyarusso> As you can see in the previous meeting summary, people threw out a couple of ideas for fun, less formal things to do in the chilly months
19:38 < tonyyarusso> Basically, anyone who is willing to step up and take charge of one of those events gets to pick what it will be :) 
19:39 < tonyyarusso> Some mentioned were: Polar Bear swim, winter BBQ, pretty much anything to just hang out with other Ubuntu-folk.
19:39 < homanj> since i'm not in the area, i can't really do too much there.
19:39 < tonyyarusso> doesn't need to be anything big and fancy
19:40 < tonyyarusso> Anything sound appealing to you whoz and UbuntuMN-Guest ?
19:41 < whoz> any of em sound good....my schedule for the next couple months is getting pretty busy though
19:41 < UbuntuMN-Guest> I like the bbq idea.
19:42 -!- homanj_ [n=homanj@66-188-102-254.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-mn
19:42 < tonyyarusso> UbuntuMN-Guest: Enough that you'd be willing to schedule and advertise it?
19:43 < UbuntuMN-Guest> not that much
19:43 < tonyyarusso> Oh, btw - any event that we have at least two or three weeks notice of the exact time/date/location we can get free flyers printed up for
19:43 < tonyyarusso> UbuntuMN-Guest: aww, c'mon - just need to find a park or something and arrange a few burgers and hot dogs
19:44 -!- homanj [n=homanj@66-188-102-254.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
19:44 -!- homanj_ is now known as homanj
19:46 < tonyyarusso> You could of course also do some delegation on the mailing list so you wouldn't be doing it all by yourself - we just need someone to head it up and make something happen, to spread out the load of events among different people.
19:48 < tonyyarusso> UbuntuMN-Guest: whaddaya say?  Can we talk you into it?
19:49 < UbuntuMN-Guest> not at this time.
19:49 -!- whoz [n=bbuckley@c-24-245-73-223.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
19:49 < tonyyarusso> all right - maybe we can find an enterprising soul on the ML later then
19:50 < tonyyarusso> I guess we'll move on
19:50 < tonyyarusso> #4: CD distribution
19:50 < tonyyarusso> This is pretty much an ongoing thing, but needs to be split into manageable chunks to be easier to handle.
19:51 < tonyyarusso> A lot of the things we talked about before (Schools, Libraries, the Legislature) seem best suited for an LTS release, so I would like to propose that we hold off on them until after April when Hardy is done.
19:52 < homanj> i'd agree with that.
19:52 < tonyyarusso> In the meantime, we can focus on following up with the computer stores, which someone started making a list of previously, and will be pretty easy and receptive comparatively speaking.
19:52 < tonyyarusso> What do y'all think?
19:53 < homanj> were we able to get professional-looking cd's to distribute?
19:53 < tonyyarusso> Not yet.
19:54 < homanj> ok, i think computer shops might have a hard time taking cd's if they dont look professional
19:54 < homanj> i suppose i could look into cd labels though.
19:54 < tonyyarusso> On that front, Canonical provides a certain number (currently 300 per release) to _approved_ LoCo teams (which we are not yet), and some of the other states (notably Nebraska) have been making progress looking into getting them mass-produced for US teams at a reasonable cost.
19:54 < tonyyarusso> AFAIK though, nothing is in place yet.
19:54 < homanj> ok
19:55 < homanj> i seem to remember some conversation either in here, or in #ubuntu-us about someone having access to a cd printer or whatever
19:55 < tonyyarusso> If you can get labels, great.  Otherwise, I think the best thing is probably to make do with what we can for now, and if we push ourselves maybe we can get established enough by summer for approval.
19:55 < homanj> perhaps we should look into that. i have no idea who that person was though
19:55 < tonyyarusso> I'm guessing -us, since I don't know anything about that.
19:56 < homanj> ok, that sounds good
19:56 < homanj> kk
19:56 < tonyyarusso> homanj: want to send a note to the -us ML seeing if you can find out who it was?
19:56 < homanj> tonyyarusso: will do.
19:56 < tonyyarusso> okay
19:56 < tonyyarusso> The beginnings of the store list are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/LocalStores
19:57 < homanj> tonyyarusso: i can (and should) go through the phone book and add mankato stores
19:57  * homanj needs to remember that when i get back into town
19:57 < tonyyarusso> I haven't yet added my part of town even, so if we can get everyone to put two or three places on there, that would be fantastic.
19:58 < homanj> tonyyarusso: whats the address of the mn list? ubuntu-us-mn@?
19:59 < tonyyarusso> homanj: see https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-mn (on wiki front page and LP profile for reference)
19:59 < tonyyarusso> And in the topic for that matter :P
19:59 < tonyyarusso> But yes, ubuntu-us-mn@lists.ubuntu.com
20:00 < homanj> thanks.
20:00 < homanj> that's what i thought.
20:00 < tonyyarusso> I suppose this is the part where I tell you my fun bit o' news for the week, eh?
20:00 < homanj> yes, yes, yes
20:01 < tonyyarusso> On Tuesday I received a donation of a spindle of 100 vibrantly colored Memorex CD-R media, plus 100 matching slim jewel cases, from Imation Corp.
20:03 < homanj> nice
20:03 < homanj> dont you know someone from imation?
20:04 < tonyyarusso> I'm not entirely clear on what terms that was acquired (my uncle managed it somehow), but I thought it might be cool if we could distribute those pretty widely (a few to you homanj, a few to AlphaCluster, some in the cities, etc.), and maybe get the recipients to send a nice note or something to Imation management, so they would be encouraged to do so more in the future.
20:04 < homanj> do you mean the end recipients? or me, alpha, etc
20:05 < tonyyarusso> I have no idea how "official" it was this time, but maybe if they got bunches of positive feedback some mucky-muck would say "hrm, this seems to be cool advertising - whoever did that, do it again!"
20:05 < tonyyarusso> homanj: or both?
20:05 < homanj> i see
20:05 < homanj> sounds fine to me
20:06 < tonyyarusso> homanj: do you come by the cities ever?
20:06 -!- whoz [n=bbuckley@c-24-245-73-223.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-us-mn
20:06 < homanj> tonyyarusso: not very often.
20:06 < tonyyarusso> We should ponder later what it would take in terms of shipping to get some out
20:06 < homanj> i have for minnebar
20:07 < homanj> ok, sounds good
20:08 < tonyyarusso> Maybe if we're bored later we can work on some sort of form letter to include with them
20:09 < tonyyarusso> Any other thoughts on the CD front for the next few weeks/months?
20:09 < homanj> no sir. hopefully the cd printer pops up again
20:10 < homanj> whoz: welcome back
20:10 < tonyyarusso> whoz: We're on #4 - CD distribution.  Anything you wanted to throw in on that?
20:10 < whoz> thanks....forgot my laptop goes to standby when I shut the lid
20:11 < tonyyarusso> heh, oopsie
20:11 < whoz> hmmm....not off hand that I can think of
20:12 < tonyyarusso> Okay, I guess we'll look at #5 then.
20:12 < tonyyarusso> Wiki Work:
20:13 < tonyyarusso> In short, our wiki page is a super-simple hackjob, mostly that I threw together in an afternoon.  Other teams have pretty ones.
20:13 < tonyyarusso> It'd be great if people could use any spare time they have to do some tweaking to make ours more like theirs.
20:13 < homanj> tonyyarusso: the front page is already started right?
20:13 < tonyyarusso> Details and a space to work are located at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Sandbox
20:14 < tonyyarusso> homanj: Yeah, but just barely.
20:14 < tonyyarusso> Once the front page is done though the others are easy.
20:14 < tonyyarusso> The Michigan Team uses some sort of 'import' statement to add their header thing to every page without even retyping the code.
20:14 < tonyyarusso> I have no idea how that works on MoinMoin, but we can just look at their code and copy it :)
20:15 < homanj> ok
20:15 < homanj> that's on my todo list
20:15 < tonyyarusso> yeah, you mentioned that yesterday
20:15 < tonyyarusso> Shouldn't be too hard; just needs someone with a spare evening pretty much
20:15 < homanj> if i don't get to it before sunday, then it's delayed a week, ;)
20:15 < tonyyarusso> Feel free to throw in any creative original ideas you have too :)
20:16 < homanj> kk
20:16 < whoz> sounds good
20:16 < tonyyarusso> #6: Publisher UG programs
20:16 < tonyyarusso> This is something I stumbled across talking to other LoCos.
20:17 < tonyyarusso> Apparently, with some pretty minimal effort, we can get *FREE STUFF*
20:17  * tonyyarusso wonders if he has people's attention now :)
20:17 < whoz> lol
20:17 < tonyyarusso> Basically the way it works is this:
20:18 < tonyyarusso> O'Reilly sends me a newsletter every few weeks listing books they'll be releasing soon.
20:18 < tonyyarusso> I'll start forwarding those to the mailing list so everyone can see them
20:18 < tonyyarusso> If you see a book that sounds interesting to you, you let me know, along with a mailing address it can be sent to.
20:19 < tonyyarusso> I send that info on to O'Reilly, and when the book comes out, they send you a copy for free.
20:19 < homanj> sweet
20:19 < homanj> are you getting the newsletter now?
20:19 < tonyyarusso> All you have to do is read it and write up some sort of intelligent review, and then distribute that review (our ML, wiki, O'R's site, Amazon, B&N.com, etc.), and let me know.
20:20 < tonyyarusso> I forward the link to the review to Marsee, and then we're eligible for another book.
20:20 < tonyyarusso> Apress has the same sort of deal as well.  I'm not quite as sure of the workflow and who to contact for them yet, but it is available and I got us on their list of groups.
20:21 < homanj> ok, cool
20:21 < tonyyarusso> Additionally, once we settle into the swing of things, apparently sometimes they spring for providing "door prizes" for installfests, release parties, etc., so we could give stuff away to visitors and other members too.
20:21 < homanj> do you have any examples of the reviews?
20:21 < homanj> so we know what they are looking for
20:22 < tonyyarusso> a sec
20:23 < tonyyarusso> It can be as simple as this: http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/9780596514013/#rr
20:24 < tonyyarusso> They provide some tips as well to get you started - http://ug.oreilly.com/bookreviews.html
20:24 < tonyyarusso> For Apress, see http://www.apress.com/community/writeareview
20:24 < tonyyarusso> Their example is http://books.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/10/05/1636239
20:26 < tonyyarusso> Is that what you were looking for?
20:27 < homanj> yes.
20:27 < homanj> sounds good
20:28 < homanj> sorry, got into reading one
20:28 < tonyyarusso> hehe
20:28 < tonyyarusso> I started listing the books I already own and may do reviews of in the future on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Reviews/Bookshelf
20:29 < homanj> ok, cool
20:29 < tonyyarusso> We can also add anything we receive through a request there
20:30 < tonyyarusso> If you write something, you can put it up in that section of the wiki, and change the "Status" column to "Reviewed", and have that word as a link to it
20:30 < homanj> gotcha
20:31 < tonyyarusso> Can we make it a goal for at least one of us to get our first review written before the end of the year so we can start requesting things in 2008?
20:31 < homanj> i dont have any o'reilly books here
20:31 < homanj> so you can't count on me
20:31 < tonyyarusso> Any apress homanj ?
20:32 < tonyyarusso> Or anything really - even if we don't get free stuff out of it anything is handy
20:32 < homanj> perhaps in MN, but not here
20:32 < tonyyarusso> ah
20:32 < homanj> all of my books are back there
20:32  * tonyyarusso is in the middle of a few; will try to finish some over break
20:33 < tonyyarusso> We're kind of lacking on people, so I'm guessing we don't really have any progress updates from the last meeting
20:33 < tonyyarusso> Any other random thoughts anyone?  whoz or UbuntuMN-Guest ?
20:34 < homanj> tonyyarusso: s/kind of//
20:34 < homanj> ;)
20:34 < UbuntuMN-Guest> no
20:34 < tonyyarusso> yeah...
20:34 < homanj> UbuntuMN-Guest: have computer books you could review?
20:34 < whoz> id have to check my netlibrary account
20:35 < whoz> i think ive got a few linux and ubuntu books tagged
20:36 < tonyyarusso> cool
20:37 < tonyyarusso> whoz, UbuntuMN-Guest: Personal feedback for me since this is the first time I've seen you here: Was it easy enough to figure out how to get on IRC, or could I improve the directions still?
20:38 < UbuntuMN-Guest> I'm not familiar with IRC, so that's why I came on via web client.
20:38 < whoz> honestly i didnt even look at the directions....just looked to see what channel it was
20:39 < tonyyarusso> gotcha
20:39 < tonyyarusso> UbuntuMN-Guest: If you'd like to delve into the world of desktop clients, perhaps you can be a test case ;)
20:39 < UbuntuMN-Guest> perhaps.
20:40  * tonyyarusso is guessing a significant portion of the team has never heard of IRC, hence the emptiness
20:40 < whoz> what would the other options be besides IRC?
20:41 < tonyyarusso> AOL chat rooms?  *shudder*
20:41 < whoz> lol
20:41 < whoz> uh...no
20:41 < tonyyarusso> Frankly, I don't think most people do multi-person chat stuff much, so normal IM suffices
20:43 -!- homanj_ [n=homanj@66-188-102-254.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-mn
20:43 < homanj_> tonyyarusso: what did i miss?
20:43 < homanj_> last i got was from you, gotcha
20:43 < tonyyarusso> Okay, I think that pretty much does it for our current business then.  We have a few things to prod the mailing list to hopefully get things off the ground.
20:43 < tonyyarusso> homanj_: nothing relevant to you really.
20:43 -!- homanj [n=homanj@66-188-102-254.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com] has quit [Nick collision from services.]
20:44 -!- homanj_ is now known as homanj
20:44 < homanj> kk
20:44 < tonyyarusso> All we need now is someone who would be willing to go over this log and try to put it in a clean format, a la https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Meetings/MeetingOne
20:44 < tonyyarusso> Simple task for once - volunteers?  :)
20:45 -!- MVTiger09 [n=Ross@c-71-195-15-107.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-us-mn
20:46 < tonyyarusso> MVTiger09 is someone I know in RL, btw.  Hopefully we can get him to stick around for future things :)
20:46 < homanj> you need to change the links for the logs for the first meeting
20:46 < homanj> 404 right now
20:46 < tonyyarusso> UbuntuMN-Guest: Could I entice you to write a summary perhaps?
20:47 < tonyyarusso> homanj: are they supposed to be on my domain I suppose?
20:47 < tonyyarusso> ah, yup
20:47 < homanj> tonyyarusso: that's the link
20:47  * tonyyarusso is transferring between hosts and whatnot, sowwies
20:48 < homanj> how has that been going?
20:48 < tonyyarusso> Not too bad - finally found scripts that actually work :)
20:49 < UbuntuMN-Guest> gotta go, my bed time.
20:49 -!- UbuntuMN-Guest [n=ubuntumn@75-134-131-227.dhcp.roch.mn.charter.com] has quit ["Java user signed off"]
20:49 < tonyyarusso> bah, oh well :P
20:49 < homanj> i'm out too
20:50 < homanj> thanks tonyyarusso
20:50 < tonyyarusso> whoz: How 'bout you?
20:50 < tonyyarusso> homanj: np - have a good one?
20:50 < homanj> anything you need from me?
20:50 < tonyyarusso> homanj: just that wiki work when you have a chance, and seeing if we get replies for the CD printing/labels.  If you want to hound anyone about the BBQ, go for it, but we'll see.
20:51 -!- troythetechguy [n=troythet@204-251-85-52.warpdriveonline.com] has joined #ubuntu-us-mn
20:51 < whoz> sorry....stuffin my face
20:51 < tonyyarusso> Hello troythetechguy - we were just wrapping up our meeting actually.  Welcome!
20:51 < troythetechguy> Sorry I'm late.  Is the meeting over?
20:52 < tonyyarusso> troythetechguy: Not quite - we're still looking for a volunteer to a) organize some kind of small, informal event, such as a winter BBQ, and b) look over the log of the meeting and create a simple summary in the style of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MinnesotaTeam/Meetings/MeetingOne
20:52 < tonyyarusso> troythetechguy: So in other words, you could be just in time, if you catch my drift ;)
20:53 < troythetechguy> :)  Sure, kind of like when you're late to class, and the teacher makes you sit in the front row!
20:53 < tonyyarusso> precisely :P
20:54 < tonyyarusso> as far as the log bit, I'll put up my copy for you to read right now - link on the way shortly
20:55 < tonyyarusso> For the "winter event", it's very much wide open.  Basic guidelines would be that it should be inexpensive, simple, a good "get to know people and have fun" type thing, and in a location that's reasonably accessible (on city bus routes is a plus if possible, since not everyone has cars, although carpooling is also encouraged)

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