Mir Testing

Welcome to the testing pages for the Mir project. These pages provide up to date information of current testing activities for Mir, check back frequently.

Test coordination

Test process

Right now, Mir is developed in features branches which are merged to trunk when they become ready & tested. Depending on the scope of a branch, testing will happen in our own lab and or verified through a "Call for testing". Smaller changes, where we are sufficiently covered by internal tests, will be handled within our lab and hit trunk shortly after. Mir changes in trunk are gated by our internal CI and will be landing in archive every 4h. The only exception is when autolanding is disabled because of failing tests. In that case the "line" will be stopped until the issue is addressed.

Larger and more intrusive changes will be orchestrating a "Call for testing" where we are looking to get feedback from a wide variety of our beta testing community. These changes will be provided via a dedicated PPA and we target to run a "Call for testing" for about 1w before merging the code and subsequent bug fixes into trunk.

Working with the beta test PPA

What to expect

We are striving to enable you to help us test Mir in the easiest fashion possible which requires the least interaction from your side.

We have chosen to provide you with a stack under testing via a PPA. This PPA will have to be pinned to your system in order to have priority over other PPAs. Once a stack under testing becomes available for a "Call for Testing", it will be put into the PPA and installed onto your system at the next upgrade. After the "Call for Testing" expires (within 1w), we will remove the content from the PPA and land the feature and subsequent bugfixes in trunk and about 4h later in archive. At the next upgrade your system will receive the up to date packages directly from archive again as the PPA does not provide any content anymore. Once added to the system, no additional actions of yours need to be taken on the PPA.

Software provided in the beta test PPA will have passed internal tests to the extend that we can facilitate these. The majority of our users should be able to run the software from the PPA without major issues.

Relevant announcements will be communicated through the Mir-testing mailing.

Handling the beta test PPA

Mir is made of many components and comes in various configurations (e.g. xMir in Ubuntu 13.10 & 14.04, Mir in Ubuntu Touch 13.10 and Ubuntu > 14.04). As such we will be providing dedicated PPAs depending on the target platform you will be working on or that is under current development.

Current dedicated beta PPAs are:


Key Component


Ubuntu Desktop 13.10

unity system compositor

system compositor testing

Here are general steps in managing a PPA on your system:

  • #1 Adding the PPA to your system
    • add the PPA to your system via
      • sudo add-apt-repository $PPA-NAME
  • pin the PPA in order to give it priority over archive and other PPAs
    • TODO
  • update your package lists
    • sudo apt-get update
    #2 Removing the PPA from your system - this step is only needed when you want to stop testing the project
    • purging the PPA contents
      • ppa-purge TODO
    • removing the PPA
      • rm PPA TODO

Test activities

Ubuntu 13.10

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