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|| '''Telegram''': || [[http://telegram.me/misterqmusic|@misterqmusic]] || || '''Telegram''': || [[http://telegram.me/MariusQuabeck|@MariusQuabeck]] ||

Launchpad ID:



Mister_Q on irc.freenode.net


<misterq AT ubuntufun DOT de>








Marius Quabeck

About Me

I'm Marius, but I'm better known online as Mister Q. I was born in Germany but I've also been living for some time in Guangzhou (China). I've graduated as an IT-Specialist for system integration in Germany. I've been using Linux-based operating systems for many years and my first Ubuntu installation was 11.10. I am currently working as an IT-Consultant for a big IT consulting company.

Things I do for Ubuntu


  • I'm writing for a blog called UbuntuFun mainly focused on news about Ubuntu Desktop and Phones.

  • I am on the organisation team for Ubucon Europe 2016 in Essen.
  • I sponsored a bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition phone for a contest on my blog.
  • I plan to attend UbuCon Europe 2016 in Essen (and also give a talk there).


  • I own several desktops, laptops, servers, phones and tablets running various stable and unstable releases of Ubuntu, and provide feedback.
  • I wrote various articles about Ubuntu Touch and the bq/Meizu phones on UbuntuFun.

  • I provided feedback/tests/translations for the Ubuntu Phone App uNav and several others.


  • I often hang out on various channels (currently Telegram, and G+) and give support to users.
  • I report and comment on Launchpad bugs.

Future Work

  • I plan to start working on a Owncloud App for Ubuntu Touch soon.
  • I have a few ideas for other applications that I would like to see developed and might even port some of those.

Room for Improvement

There are areas where I'd like to improve myself and my own knowledge:

  • Continue producing music, recorded with open source software.

  • Write more blog articles.
  • Learn more about OpenStack & Snappy.


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