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|| '''Twitter''': || [[http://twitter.com/misterqmusic|@misterqmusic]] || || '''Twitter''': || [[http://twitter.com/MariusQuabeck|@MariusQuabeck]] ||

Launchpad ID:



Mister_Q on irc.freenode.net


<misterq AT ubuntufun DOT de>








Marius Quabeck

About Me

I'm Marius, but I'm better known online as Mister Q. I was born in Germany but I've also been living for some time in Guangzhou (China). I've graduated as an IT-Specialist for system integration in Germany. I've been using Linux-based operating systems for many years and my first Ubuntu installation was 11.10. I am currently working as an IT-Consultant for a big IT consulting company.

Things I do for Ubuntu


  • I'm writing for a blog called UbuntuFun mainly focused on news about Ubuntu Desktop and Phones.

  • I am on the organisation team for Ubucon Europe 2016 in Essen.
  • I sponsored a bq Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu Edition phone for a contest on my blog.
  • I plan to attend UbuCon Europe 2016 in Essen (and also give a talk there).


  • I own several desktops, laptops, servers, phones and tablets running various stable and unstable releases of Ubuntu, and provide feedback.
  • I wrote various articles about Ubuntu Touch and the bq/Meizu phones on UbuntuFun.

  • I provided feedback/tests/translations for the Ubuntu Phone App uNav and several others.


  • I often hang out on various channels (currently Telegram, and G+) and give support to users.
  • I report and comment on Launchpad bugs.

Future Work

  • I plan to start working on a Owncloud App for Ubuntu Touch soon.
  • I have a few ideas for other applications that I would like to see developed and might even port some of those.

Room for Improvement

There are areas where I'd like to improve myself and my own knowledge:

  • Continue producing music, recorded with open source software.

  • Write more blog articles.
  • Learn more about OpenStack & Snappy.


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I know Marius as a very friendly helpful person, running (or at least helping out with that) a bunch of German related Ubuntu communiy. As a co-author for http://ubuntufun.de and managing a Telegram group for German Ubuntu users, he's always around, helping newcomers to get started. -- mzanetti 2016-01-11 14:55:46

Marius is a very nice and kind guy always keen helping other people out. By running UbuntuFun.de and the related Telegram group he provides great exchange points for the German Ubuntu community. -- tim-sueberkrueb 2016-01-13 17:54:58

I met Marius in the MWC 2016. A great guy who could be a key member in Ubuntu, because he is working in areas not so common in others members, like podcast, in music, photography... He is so active in Ubuntu Touch too because he is writing in the important UbuntuFun.de and he is working for the first Ubuncon Europe. I honestly think that he deserves to be an Ubuntu Member. -- costales

I first met Marius on Telegram and then in person at Ubucon DE 2015 in Berlin. We are both on the organising team for UbuCon Europe 2016. He does an insane amount of work for the german UbuntuFun news website, from managing the community Telegram channel to producing podcasts. Lots of people already mistake him for an actual Canonical employee. He even flew to Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona on his own account! I can only wholeheartedly support his application. -- Sturmflut 2016-03-07 14:28:46

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