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|| '''Country / City''': || Japan / Sendai || || '''Country / City''': || Japan / Kawasaki ||
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=== Write articles ===
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=== Report and research bugs ===
 * Sync request:
  * texlive-extra:
  * lmodern:
  * tipa:
  * scalable-cyrfonts:

 * Failed piuparts at purge because does not remove pyversions.pyc:
  * sent patch, fixed, and applied in debian's python-minimal

 * Please remove morisawa package from quantal:
  * removed.
 * Please remove okumura-clsfiles package from quantal:
  * removed.

 * Adding file to archive, file-roller doesn't load location correctly and then crash:
  * sent patch, fixed and applied in upstream.
 * file-roller crashed with SIGSEGV in g_strdup():
  * sent patch, fixed and applied in upstream.
 * FTBFS avarice 2.10-3ubuntu1 in quantal:
  * sent patch, fixed.

=== Write articles ===
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  * UWR 236: "[[|Try WebApps and Fogger]]"
  * UWR 242: "[[|Maintain server by Zentyal]]"
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== In raring ==

About Me

I am a Japanese Ubuntu user, and I'm involved in JapaneseTeam.


Country / City:

Japan / Kawasaki


shibata on



My Works

2005 - 2011

  • My first contact with Ubuntu on Oct 2005.
  • I joined JapaneseTeam on Sep 2007.

  • I became moderator for Japanese LoCo Team Forum on 2007.

  • I wrote "Ubuntu Weekly Topics" from Jan 2008 to Dec 2008. This article aim to report Ubuntu community's action for Japanese users.

  • I have written about Ubuntu comunity in Nikkei Linux Aug - Sep issues, which is local magazine.
  • I'm translating several documents in wiki, ubuntu-docs, other applications.

In oneiric

Report and research bugs

  • Couldn't display preedit text in Dash:

    • sent patch, and merged.
    • but remain some inconvinience behavior, needs more investigation.
  • Samba service is not installable:

    • proposed two option, use apturl or sessioninstaller.
    • adopted apturl way in oneiric, but its just only warkaround, because there is not apturl in debian.
    • branch to use sessioninstaller is not matured yet.
    • for debian and precise, we needs more improvement for samba installer.
  • Ghostscript cannot recognize CJK CID fonts:

    • there is a pathname problem in debian/rules.
    • fixed in debian too.
  • Unity lens button label is too narrow:

    • sent patch, but doesn't fixed yet.


Write articles

In precise

Write articles

In quantal

Report and research bugs

Write articles

In raring