Source packages need to be checked, that they behave in the same way as for the i386 architecture; the packaging has to be checked for things like:

ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH),i386)

ifeq ($(filter $(DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU),alpha i486 hppa ia64 powerpc s390 sparc x86_64),)

have to be changed into

ifneq (,$(filter $(DEB_HOST_ARCH),i386 lpia))

ifeq ($(filter $(DEB_HOST_GNU_CPU),alpha i486 i686 hppa ia64 powerpc s390 sparc x86_64),)

Things to watch:

  • debian/control: Architecture attribute. Explicit use of i386', add lpia'. Look at the rules file.

  • DEB_XXX_ARCH is lpia' instead of i386'.

  • DEB_XXX_GNU_CPU is i686' instead of i486', but better use DEB_XXX_ARCH.

  • Use of uname

  • Use of preprocessor in dpatch
  • Use of linux-gnu to influence package behaviour, we're linux-gnulp, use of DEB_XXX_GNU_OS, comparing with `linux-gnu'
  • inclusion of architecture specific files (include debian/vars.$(DEB_XXX_ARCH), make Debian-i686)
  • building optimized libraries (i686); only one is built for lpia using the default values.
  • explicit setting of compiler options -march / -mtune. The defaults should be taken.
  • ...

List of sources which need checking

Universe currently is not a focus ...

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