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We need to bootstrap the new mobile architecture, this spec covers the process and necessary changes for that to happen.


Without bootstrapping, the rest of the MobileAndEmbedded specs are useless.

Use Cases

  • Matt wants to have his packages available to users using the Mobile Edition of Ubuntu. Since the archive is fully bootstrapped and he is an Ubuntu Developer, he uploads the packages to the archive and they are available a short while later.


Affects launchpad/soyuz, dpkg, apt.

Design and Implementation

  • The new architecture name is lpia, this needs to be put into archtable in dpkg and apt.
  • Architecture needs to be added to soyuz and buildds set up.
  • Spec/default compilation flags to be provided by Intel. -mtune=pentium and gcc-4.1 is appropriate and gets us the needed optimisations.

  • The toolchain, including the headers from the kernel, is built and uploaded (usual two-stage bootstrapping procedure). Since it's binary compatible with ia32 we will use that as a base rather than cross-compiling.
  • Architecture is hooked into the normal build system and packages build there as usual.
  • Packages-arch-Specific needs to have lpia added to it for packages that we want on lpia.
  • A number of source packages require changes to debian/control to have lpia added to their Architecture line, as well as adjustments to debian/rules.

Outstanding Issues


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