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Welcome to the MobileAndEmbedded reporting page. Every month this page reveals a snapshot of the work that has been going on in the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Community. If you have have been working hard on the project and want to let others know what you have been up to, try to summarize it here. Community contributions are actively encouraged. A few guidelines for how to write good points are:

  • Keep it simple and short - single sentences are best. Smile :)

  • Try to summarise your work and not be over-detailed - we don't need to know specifics, just a summary of the kind
  • Where possible, include relevant links.

You should get all your reporting included here by the 22nd of every month.

The Report

Ubuntu Mobile [ MootBot Logs]

Status report for week 2007-09-27 to 2007-10-04

  • Build infrastructure

Worked on fixing the infrastructure so we can have non-public images with proprietary bits in them.

  • Mobile development environment

Handed this off to [ Steve Kowalik]

  • UME kernel

Added lpiacompat flavour for mccaslins Tested the lpia and lpiacompat kernels on Samsung Q1 and Crownbeach Fixed some configs - VM86, stock DRI, madwifi support, etc.

  • Moblin Image Creator

Switched over to using LPIA when creating platforms and targets. Some GUI improvements were mad


Packages are now being built with LPIA architecture.

  • Moblin Applets (moblin-utilities)

Three remaining plugins expected before Oct 12: volume status bar, brightness status bar, and touchscreen calibration applets. The first two will be taken from gnome-applets with all the bonobo interface code stripped out, the last will come from gnome-control-center's mouse caplet combined with evtouch code.

  • Applet Updates
    • Network: Network and Date/Time are now just links to the gnome-system-tools executables.
  • UI and Apps
    • UI

      • Grid-layout / html Home Screen: Much progress on this home screen UI this week.
    • We can now show and start applications. This is based on the same gtkmozembed plugin that hosts the current flash UI. I built the changes into mobile_basic_flash package which name should be changed eventually to reflect its new abilities (e.g. mobile_mozembed_home), but will wait until after gutsy so that we don't have to introduce a new package at this late hour. Switching between html and flash is just a matter of pointing to a different startup page. Package will be ready for use on moblin this afternoon. Will work to get it into UME soon after. Still could use a couple of official graphics for background from Ken.
    • Clutter Home Screen:
      • Initial code drop exists on, but not yet integrated into home screen. You can build and play with:

       'git clone'

      • To launch on desktop, start application with "desktop-launcher -w" otherwise it will take over your desktop. I requested libclutter-0.4.2 related libraries for gutsy. Not sure if it is too late for approval. This process took a long time

      Theme: Not sure of the status of the theme. Need to get that finished. I know there are some new components that should be considered such as home screen button backgrounds. Bug with current flash UI: We are trying to resolve a big bug with performance when the current UI is running. CPU is 10-35% when just idle on flash UI and application startup on crown beach is dismal. We think we tracked it down to something that occurs when "loadConfig" is run in flash. Hopefully this is a simple fix. We also found a bug when the flashUI didn't start successfully and a setTimeout call was triggered every 1/1000th of a second.

      Apps Chat: No progress I know of since the owner is out of the office this week. Media Viewer: Some new features have been added but currently the package is broken. Will get back running soon. Still needs UI makeover which Jason is working full-time on. Our goal is to give it an extreme UI makeover by mid next week. Other comments:

      • I built LPIA build this week and tried to run Claws. It didn't seem to be Hildonized. Need to figure out why. I plan to create a UI spec with suggestions on things such as menu layout for common elements (File, View, Settings, About, Quit) and toolbar icon sizes, etc.
      • To Do:

        • 1 Get Grid-layout UI usable. Any day now. I assumed it would be yesterday but ran into small bugs around changing the background repeatedly. Should checkin today. 2 Make sure we resolve the performance bug. Hopefully this goes away with the non-flash UI. We will still try to resolve, but it will fall to a lesser priority. 3 Go through remaining UI elements and finish bug fixing for gutsy launch. Mainly: marquee needs tweaking, theme needs to be completed. 4 Start work to get clutter UI to a usable state so people can start commenting and we can discuss the exciting post-gutsy future of the home screen!
  • Thermal Extensions

Still on track for delivery around WW41/Week of Oct 8th

  • Graphics Driver

Development on track for possible schedule pull in. Intel is working internally to determine new delivery date

  • USB Client

Continued work on bug fixing and validation of both driver and utility software.May be able to pull in schedule and make this available early. Intel is working internally to determine new delivery date.

  • Midbrowser Status

Implemented UI changes to preference tabs. Jimmy is working on replacing the network proxy setting with gconf.

Investigated "panning" support for Midbrowser. Found out that someone has implemented "panning" support for Minimo, I Will see what it takes to incorporate that into Midbrowser.

Analyzed incoming bugs. Will be in bug fixing mode in the next couple of weeks.

IRC Summary 4th October

Mithrandir welcomed David Mandala as the new UME Project Manager. His role will be to take over from mdz in managing the engineering team for Ubuntu Mobile. He also welcomed Steven Kowalik who's joining UME full-time working on mobile and Loïc Minier, who will be working 50/50 on desktop and mobile.

There were no Action Items from the last meeting.

Mithrandir requested that status reports were sent earlier than 'the last minute' to the list.

Bob Spencers request for libclutter-0.4.2 in Gutsy was approved by Mithrandir

mdz wanted it noted that we are in an increasingly deep freeze for ubuntu 7.10 while this shouldn't affect development on mobile-specific components too much, changes to shared components will be scrutinized the release goes out on the 18th, after which things will soften again

Mithrandir believes moblin-media will be in the repo's tomorrow and requested Happy Camp to let him know before pushing stuff into the repo's so that work is not duplicated

The broken kernel and the problem of testing kernels on lpia will be discussed at UDS. amit said requiring MID testing is an easy and cheap solution - all it requires is a .deb package being tested on real hardware and that part of the problem was the sudden turning ON of lpia for MIC builds although this was in the schedule. The lesson to be learned is make changes as early as possible.

Mithrandir thought it might be interesting to see midbrowser builds based on gecko 1.9 and asac will decide on this

Status report for week 2007-10-04 to 2007-10-11

  • Moblin Chat

Add moko finger scroll feature to roster view. Integrating empathy-0.14 feature is half way. It's big change and have to do piece by piece and verify one by one. One big thing might be first support of Voip support from empathy upstream. Voip integration is still under way.

  • Moblin Applets Volume status bar applet: Added a volume status bar icon and slider based on the mixer applet from the gnome-applets package. Removed the bonobo and Panel Applet interfaces and replaced them with the Hildon status bar API. Also removed all dependencies on gstreamer and replaced it with direct calls to the /dev/mixer device. Screen Brightness status bar applet: Added a screen brightness status bar icon and slider based on the brightness applet from the gnome-power-manager package. Removed the bonobo and Panel Applet interfaces and replaced them with the Hildon status bar API. Also removed any dependencies on the gnome power manager and replaced the low level brightness calls with DBUS calls directly to HAL. Touchscreen configuration control panel applet: Danny Varner has been working on adding a touchscreen configuration utility to moblin-applets. He has identified the evtouch calibration utility as the best source base and has adapted it for use on moblin. The utility will make changes to xorg-samsungq1ultra.conf and control the /dev/touchscreen driver. Soft Keyboard support in the keyboard control panel applet: Jian Han has added a new tab to the keyboard configuration applet which allows for configuration of the soft keyboard. The user can select whether or not to autolaunch the soft keyboard and can select its layout.
  • Moblin Image Creator
    • Add an "uninstall" Makefile target which does the same thing as the "cleanall" target. If the sources_cfg file has an error in it, we want to crash. Otherwise people don't realize that they made an error in their file Create a sample ~/.image-creator/sources_cfg file if none exists. Use the linux-lpiacompat kernel for the Mc Caslin kernel Disable the internationalization init stuff, since we are not using internationalization at the moment. Updated the README file with information on how to speedup image-creator using a local mirror of Ubuntu Remove the -q/quiet option since we aren't honoring it. Maybe in the future we can bring it back. moblin-media is the new name for mobile-player, updated the FSETs accordingly. Added a config file option to control the verbosity of the tar command during save/load projects. The default verbosity is silent.
    • Troubleshot issue with ume user not being created correctly, traced it down to an error in the user-setup package. Tollef was nice enough to work with the package maintainer to get that fixed.
  • Mobile Kernel

lpia flavour moved to custom build to allow easier patching configuration bugs related to MSS, PSB fixed.

  • USB Client Status

Alpha USB Client driver available in Moblin on November 2, 2007.

  • Mobile build infrastructure:

We now have the ability to provide builds which contains bits which are not in the archive, which then makes it possible for us to provide builds with the Adobe flash player, etc.

  • UI

UI Grid-layout / html Home Screen: Working now. Recognizes theme and background change. Requires hildon-theme-mobile-basic for button button background graphics. Still to be done:

  • - Set the default theme as this UI reads the theme from gconf and currently UME default theme is the non-existent Human theme. - show some small animated gif when application is launching - listen for notification when application has completed launching to turn off animation - Request upload into gutsy
  • If you install the latest mobile-basic-flash package from you will get this UI by default.

Clutter Home Screen: Have got it working on my Q1 after getting the hardware accel driver. Clutter 0.4+ libraries have been included in gutsy

  • Current issues:
    • - Touch screen isn't sensitive enough to give me the light iPhone touch feeling. I often have to use my fingernail to grab the objects - UI is jerky. When you try to roll the objects left/right they stall, then burst. - actor objects often get misplaced and then bunched at the beginning - location highlight at the bottom of the screen is misplaced - big animation look a little to Apple-MAC like. We'd like to get it to look more like a rolling ring of icons

      - the /etc/xdb/menus/*.menu file doesn't match well with our applications. We need to add a "MobileApp" category to applications and filter them for showing on the home screen - when launching the applications the code to detect if it was successfully launched is imperfect

Theme: Chatted with Ken about theme. He is highly frustrated with our current status and apparent miscommunication. Need to resolve how to get something in the short term and then fix the long term process issues.

  • Bug with current flash UI: We found and fixed the performance but with the flash UI.
  • Media Viewer: Have new graphics we are trying to put into application/UI. Many new features working now including thumbnail view.

Other comments:

  • - I built LPIA build again this and still no Hildon Claws. We put a couple of guys on this to try and get a last-minute upgrade of basic features and it would be nice if we could see the Hildon version in our images.

From last week's To Do:

  • 1) Get Grid-layout UI usable. Any day now. I assumed it would be yesterday but ran into small bugs around changing the background repeatedly. Should checkin today. (Done) 2) Make sure we resolve the performance bug. Hopefully this goes away with the non-flash UI. We will still try to resolve, but it will fall to a lesser priority. (Done) 3) Go through remaining UI elements and finish bug fixing for gutsy launch. Mainly: marquee needs tweaking, theme needs to be completed. (Still in progress) 4) Start work to get clutter UI to a usable state so people can start commenting and we can discuss the exciting post-gutsy future of the home screen! (Lots of work ahead)
  • Midbrowser

A new Midbrowser release has been uploaded to the Gusty repository this week. Test and Bug fixing mode. Working on enabling the prefs extension to replace network setting dialog with gconf.

  • Thermal Extensions

Code entering Internal validation cycle Scheduled for external release Nov 2, 2007

IRC Summary 11th October

bspencer mentioned that two Flash performance bugs were was setTimeout (fn, 1) which got called every 1/1000 of a second when there wasn't flash and the other was in was in the flash movie itself where each icon loaded a startup animation in the background that was running. So if you had 10 icons, you also had 10 running hidden movies

A launching application bug has highest priority now (when launching an application multiple times, multiple instances are created instead of just the 1)

The default HTML UI is scheduled for upload to Gutsy on Monday although the default hildon-theme-mobile-basic is now in the archive

Private builds were mentioned as a way of stuffing anything which isn't in the archive into a build.

mdz raised the question of the awkward period where there is a lot of churn in hardy, prior to the first milestone and wondered whether we can just tolerate that, or if we should make some arrangements to temporarily continue development based on 7.10 in order to keep things moving....the solution chosen was to continue to build on Gutsy, supplemented by a PPA, during the transition from gutsy to hardy

lool to prepare new hildon-desktop and davidm, tfheen to test it

Peter_u3 to talk to telepathy upstream about new libtelepathy.

  • Mobile kernel status

No change

  • Thermal Extensions Status

Linux kernel changes for thermal extensions released for validation. Internal code review is complete and rework completed. Validation cycle started Planned external release: November 2, 2007