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Welcome to the MobileAndEmbedded reporting page. Every month this page reveals a snapshot of the work that has been going on in the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Community. If you have have been working hard on the project and want to let others know what you have been up to, try to summarize it here. Community contributions are actively encouraged. A few guidelines for how to write good points are:

  • Keep it simple and short - single sentences are best. Smile :)

  • Try to summarise your work and not be over-detailed - we don't need to know specifics, just a summary of the kind
  • Where possible, include relevant links.

You should get all your reporting included here by the 22nd of every month.

The Report

Ubuntu Mobile [ MootBot Logs]

Status report for week 2007-10-25 to 2007-11-01

Midbrowser status update

  • Mostly working on bug fixes.
  • Analyzed a few sites that didn’t work quite right with Midbrowser. Among them are Microsoft’s * Those sites didn’t behave correctly because they didn’t think Midbrowser is not one of the supported browsers (Firefox, Netscape, IE). It turns out that by setting the useragent key to Firefox, these sites work just fine. I will put a fix in for that. We also found out that couple of the sites didn’t work because of bug in Adobe’s flash player for Linux. I contacted the owner of the sites and confirmed that.
  • A patch to enable the “pref” extension in the browser is ready. Waiting further code review from Asac and will check the changes it.

USB Client Status

  • Use case:
  • MID is already turned on; plug the MID directly into my PC via USB cable
  • MID's data (videos, music, photos, etc) are visible in the file manager on my PC. They appear on the PC as either as separate volumes or as directories in a single volume
  • Using the file manager on the PC, add/remove files on the MID
  • Unplug the MID from the PC, enjoy the movie I just copied to it It's our understanding that Intel is supporting this case through the file-backed storage gadget. Some questions:

    1) Is Intel patching the file-backed storage gadget to expose the client's ext3-formatted filesystem to the host as a FAT filesystem (requiring ext3<-->FAT translation[1])? If not, what is the plan to expose files

    • contained by that FAT image to applications on the MID?
    2) Consider the case where I have a MID with 4GB total storage, and I want to copy a 2GB movie to it. How will the file-backed storage gadget handle this situation? The MID doesn't have enough storage for 2 copies of the movie (one in the FAT image and one in the MID's native ext3 filesystem). 3) The blueprint and your status report both mention host-side utilities. Are those utilities required for file sharing, or are they used exclusively for sharing the MID's network connection? 4) The blueprint and your status report both mention Samba for file sharing/transfer. How is Samba relevant to USB Client? When plugged into a PC via USB, will the MID appear as a network share? If so,
    • will it also appear as a FAT device? Why present the user that choice?
    USB Client external availability still November 5, 2007 USB Client Features, from internal release note: Drivers:
    • 1) Support USB2.0 spec to enable Poulsbo USB client hardware. 2) Support USB Mass Storage class to expose mass storage device. 3) Support USB CDC-EEM class and RNDIS spec to expose Ethernet device. 4) Support interoperation with both Linux an Windows host PC of
      • VFAT/FAT32 file systems in mass storage device condition.
      5) Support interoperation with both Linux and Windows PC with
      • CDC-EEM/RNDIS compatibility.
    • 6) Utility automatically start DHCP server to allocate IP addresses in
      • host and client if static IP is not chosen.
      7) User can specify directories to share with host through GUI utility. 8) Samba server is automatically started in client utility to share
      • selected folders.
      9) Shared directories will be shown in a GUI Window. 10) User can set different access permissions to each samba user.
    Known issues:
    • 1) Drivers are not tested in High-Speed environment due to some known
      • HW sightings and bugs in Poulsbo B0 board.
      2) Drivers don't pass USB-IF Compliance test. There are some potential
      • bugs about:
        • a) USB reset, Power Management b) GET_STATUS, CLEAR_FEATURE, SET_FEATURE USB standard control requests
      3) File-backed storage (MSD) gadget doesn't support endpoints STALL feature now,
      • set module parameter "stall=0" can work.
      4) USB VID and PID for MSD and RNDIS gadgets are temporary ones. 5) The solution of static IP option is under discussion and not finalized now. 6) The interaction of Linux client utility and Windows host utility are not verified. 7) Client utility sometimes is aborted when new share folder is added.

Mobile build infrastructure

  • No progress. Publishing of proprietary builds is blocked on IS (ticket filed). Gutsy + updates is also blocked, pending IS to set up lpia PPAs. Other news:

    Pre-alpha was released on Monday 22 October: for more information.

Hildon Desktop Status

  • Finally fixed hildon-desktop; apart of the issues already covered here, only a configuration issue remained
  • Merged or checked that we did merge misc stuff which Bob asked me to have in our hildon-desktop
  • Fixed the stamp issue I encountered last week
  • Checked that an old ~/.osso would still work with newer hildon-desktop; please note that we're condemned to perpetual backward compatibility with whatever ends up in the ~/.osso of end
    • users in the next versions...
  • Updated mobile-image-creator in hardy; we now use lpia in Ubuntu's mic by default
  • Misc fixes and uploads

Moblin-applets status

  • Held a review of the moblin-applets feature set through the moblin mailing list and the overwhelming response was that we have way more features than we need. Thus, this week I've been chopping the applets down to the bare minimum of features for use on a mobile device. Also am working on the creation of a ventral libmoblin-dev and libmoblin runtime library that applications and applets can use to get the up-to-date list of all the gconf keys and their settings that we use, and am working to add in macros for icon and desktop theme functions that mirror their gtk equivalents.

midbrowser status

  • Continued bug fixes.
  • Attempted to build Midbrowser with Intel C/C++ compiler (10.0 beta). There were a lot of complain about performance. We wanted to see if using Intel’s C/C++ compiler will give us any performance boost.
    • From past experience, this should give us > 10% performance improvement. Unfortunately the Compiler has a bug and Midbrowser binary crashed. The Compiler team has identified the cause and as soon as I get a patch from them, I will give it a try again.

  • We are attempting a build of Midbrowser with Firefox 3.0 base code. We should have a successful build sometime today.
  • I am also looking into using larger icons in the URL bar. They are just too small.

Status report for week 2007-11-01 to 2007-11-08

Poulsbo Graphics Status

  • Alpha 2D driver released to Alpha 3D driver release delayed, due to click-through license discussions. Video driver update delayed for additional internal testing.

Moblin Kernel & Driver Status

  • PSB C0 HW Support


We're still waiting for C0 HW. We were able to borrow a few cycles on another team's C0 platform to test our basic enabling patches. We needed a slight modification to the HD Audio patch to (see;a=commitdiff;h=a1 cac708cdd1220165d35cd7eac8d8c5a4e4b4be) work around silicon issue that will be fixed in the next stepping. There are reports that our SDIO patches may have some issues on C0 HW and we will need to confirm and fix when we receive the new HW. We're also planning to do more power and performance analysis/tuning on C0 HW.

  • SDIO


Moblin kernel now contains patches for both Pierre Ossman's and MSS SDIO stacks. Pierre's new SDIO stack has been accepted into the upstream 2.6.24 development kernel and includes a couple of fixes from us. Our patch is slightly behind with Pierre's latest code and plan to re-sync in the coming week. We've also ported & include Marvell's GPL'd sd8686 driver for both SDIO stacks. We're carrying the MSS stack for now to limit disruptions, but now that Pierre's code is in the 2.6.24 kernel MSS support will be limited. MSS will be dropped from our tree in the short-term.

  • Dabney Thermal patches


The Alpha release of the Dabney Thermal patches have been applied to the Moblin kernel just this week. We've only just now received the test cases to verify that the functionality behaves as expected to finish out the integration. Once we've ran the test cases we'll be able to complete the integration. The older versions of these patches have been removed

  • USB Client Drivers


We're still waiting for the C0 release of the USB Client drivers. At which we will integrate it into the Moblin kernel.

  • PSB Gfx & Video Drivers


We've integrated the Beta1 release of the PSB Gfx 2-D X and kernel (psb.ko & drm.ko) drivers on One issue we're still trying to resolve is that PSB Gfx driver requires EXA 2.2 where as Gutsy is on 2.1. There is a patch to move to 2.2 that we still need to apply on

  • Power and Performance Testing/Optimization


We've been doing some basic power and performance benchmarking to find out our trouble spots. PowerTOP is showing over 140 interrupts/second for several kernel drivers. This is our biggest issue at the moment preventing the processor from taking advantage of deeper C states and consuming less power. By process of elimination we tracked the issue down to the PSB Gfx kernel driver (psb.ko). The other issue that PowerTOP is showing is when hyperthreading and/or the Local APIC Timer is enabled, an external interrupt is being generated 60+ times a seconds. When we get the C0 HW we will try to debug and root cause this issue.

UI / Media Player Status

  • Current homescreen has been updated with some patches Added patched from Bill Filler for Marquee and mobile-basic-home Clutter home screen v1 still not ready but soon. Need to iron out menuing issues
    • Media Player
      • Updated graphics. Current media player UI looking more polished. You need to download new hildon-theme-mobile-basic with latest media player

        Working on startup time. We will background everything to get the media player to start in <2sec (1.3s is goal)