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Welcome to the MobileAndEmbedded reporting page. Every month this page reveals a snapshot of the work that has been going on in the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Community. If you have have been working hard on the project and want to let others know what you have been up to, try to summarize it here. Community contributions are actively encouraged. A few guidelines for how to write good points are:

  • Keep it simple and short - single sentences are best. Smile :)

  • Try to summarise your work and not be over-detailed - we don't need to know specifics, just a summary of the kind
  • Where possible, include relevant links.

You should get all your reporting included here by the 22nd of every month.

The Report

Ubuntu Mobile [ MootBot Logs]

Status report for week 2007-11-15 to 2007-11-21

Hildon Desktop/ Moblin

  • Worked on a new moblin-image-creator (MIC) for hardy
    • - Prepared a new MIC from tip - Many fixes to breakages introduced by new MIC; it's quite unstable upstream - Changed the default MIC config to pull from hardy + ubuntu-mobile's hardy ppa - Got an accont on and worked with upstream to merge my fixes
  • Worked on the new hardy based images
    • - Compile and report all regressions from gutsy to hardy - Diagnosed these regressions in depth; most time consuming were the "Xorg not starting" and the touchscreen issues; it seems the former has been fixed in Debian and probably in
      • Ubuntu as well as this time (but didn't have a chance to check), and the later will require an important time investment to port to the new xserver/xinput which has regressions for input drivers...
  • Bug triaged most ubuntu-mobile bugs
  • Finalized / reviewed some specs; should finish last specs
  • Meetings, discussions etc.

Status report for week 2007-11-21 to 2007-11-27

Hildon Desktop/Moblin

  • Participated in misc discussions on l10n
  • Worked with IS on misc lpia or ppa issues (buildd down, not enough space on some arches' ppas for kernel builds), build logs not being removed etc.
  • Comprehensive review of all issues Bob Spencer pushed through me directly; only issues where the ball is in UME's camp are l10n stuff (langpacks, default translations of some apps in
    • the interim etc.)
  • Tagged "ume-hardy-regressions" the bugs I discovered as being critical to switch to hardy
  • Discussions on PAM / keyring integration
  • Looked/followed up some xorg bugs affecting us
  • Continued merging with new upstream changes in MIC and rebasing my MIC work on new git trees; code exchange with upstream MIC is not ideal ATM; proposed misc changes to the
    • current processes to smooth these out