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Welcome to the MobileAndEmbedded reporting page. Every month this page reveals a snapshot of the work that has been going on in the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Community. If you have have been working hard on the project and want to let others know what you have been up to, try to summarize it here. Community contributions are actively encouraged. A few guidelines for how to write good points are:

  • Keep it simple and short - single sentences are best. Smile :)

  • Try to summarise your work and not be over-detailed - we don't need to know specifics, just a summary of the kind
  • Where possible, include relevant links.

You should get all your reporting included here by the 22nd of every month.

The Report

Ubuntu Mobile [ MootBot Logs]

Status report for week 2007-11-15 to 2007-11-21

Hildon Desktop/ Moblin

  • Worked on a new moblin-image-creator (MIC) for hardy
    • - Prepared a new MIC from tip - Many fixes to breakages introduced by new MIC; it's quite unstable upstream - Changed the default MIC config to pull from hardy + ubuntu-mobile's hardy ppa - Got an accont on and worked with upstream to merge my fixes
  • Worked on the new hardy based images
    • - Compile and report all regressions from gutsy to hardy - Diagnosed these regressions in depth; most time consuming were the "Xorg not starting" and the touchscreen issues; it seems the former has been fixed in Debian and probably in
      • Ubuntu as well as this time (but didn't have a chance to check), and the later will require an important time investment to port to the new xserver/xinput which has regressions for input drivers...
  • Bug triaged most ubuntu-mobile bugs
  • Finalized / reviewed some specs; should finish last specs
  • Meetings, discussions etc.

Status report for week 2007-11-21 to 2007-11-27

Hildon Desktop/Moblin

  • Participated in misc discussions on l10n
  • Worked with IS on misc lpia or ppa issues (buildd down, not enough space on some arches' ppas for kernel builds), build logs not being removed etc.
  • Comprehensive review of all issues Bob Spencer pushed through me directly; only issues where the ball is in UME's camp are l10n stuff (langpacks, default translations of some apps in
    • the interim etc.)
  • Tagged "ume-hardy-regressions" the bugs I discovered as being critical to switch to hardy
  • Discussions on PAM / keyring integration
  • Looked/followed up some xorg bugs affecting us
  • Continued merging with new upstream changes in MIC and rebasing my MIC work on new git trees; code exchange with upstream MIC is not ideal ATM; proposed misc changes to the
    • current processes to smooth these out

Moblin Kernel & Driver Status

  • PSB C0 HW Support We finally received C0 HW. Jacob is currently root causing the Local APIC Timer issue that requires the kernel boot param nolapic_timer to avoid a boot hang issue. Need to confirm that the Ubuntu kernel available in the PPA[1] boots and works correctly on the C0.


  • SDIO No changes to the SDIO patches since last status report. We're in the process of integrating Marvell's GPL release of the 8688 WLAN + BT drivers. We're doing the initial port of their drivers from 2.6.18 kernel and cardbus to 2.6.22 and Pierre's SDIO stack, but we will not support this port. We're expecting Ubuntu to help out here. We (Ubuntu) would require access to the HW in order to support and help with this port.
  • Dabney Thermal patches As reported previously, the Alpha release of the Dabney Thermal patches have been applied to the Moblin kernel. No changes this week. (This has already been integrated into the Ubuntu PPA.)
  • USB Client Drivers We've updated the kernel patch containing the USB Client C0 release. The update contains a fix for a bug where the USB Client crashes with a FIFO_ERROR under large bulk transfers. The released moblin's kernel-mid 2.6.22-18 release to gaston contains these changes. A pointer to the commit ID would help pull this into Ubuntu
  • PSB Gfx & Video Drivers No code changes this week. We will begin integrating PSB Gfx driver Beta3 release at the end of this week. We should have this completed by end of next week. The closed source components will not be released on due to third-party license restrictions. A pointer to the commit ID would help pull this into Ubuntu I wasn't able to get the PSB Gfx driver team to move to using the drm.ko module from the 2.6.24 kernel. Instead Ubuntu has agreed, with reservations, to try to use Intel's Gfx driver as it stands now in Hardy. This includes the existing xorg tip version of drm.ko.

  • Power and Performance Testing/Optimization No changes this week.

Moblin Image Creator status

  • Merged in improvements from Loic Minier.
  • Continued work on adding Yum support to Moblin Image Creator

Moblin Applets Update

  • Date&Time:

    • No changes for Beta2
    • Beta3 changes are:
    • remove password prompt
    • Remove Date&Time change from drop-down calendar

    • Timezone = finger scrollable list
    • Time = popup dialog to set time
    • remove configuration fields
    • Remove: Help btn, Synchronize Now Keybindings:
    • renamed to "buttons"
    • will use moko finger scroller
    • better organization for the shortcuts
    • will support: Home, Web Browser, Photos, Videos, Music, Chat, Email, Calculator, screen brightness up, down, and minmax Toggle, and volume up, down, and mute.
    Keyboard properties:
    • renamed to "Keyboard"
    • all tabes removed except virtual keyboard settings tab
    • will focus entirely on the virtual keyboard
    • will use moko finger scroller to select layouts
    Screen Resolution:
    • removed for beta2
    • removed for beta2
    Network Configuration:
    • removed for beta2
    System Monitor:
    • renamed to "About Device"
    • will have only one tab, showing the hardware characteristics
    Sound Mixer:
    • renamed to "volume"
    • will have 3 tabs: speakers, headphones, and microphone
    • each tab will have two sliders for left and right with a sync button
    • each tab will have a mute
    • should no longer need root access
    • should have better looking UI
    • will have a prompt for X restart and restart X
    • will have cross-platform xorg file support
    Network Proxy:
    • renamed to "Proxy"
    • will have better scroll buttons for the port numbers.
    About Me:
    • will have one tab for purely personal info, name, address, and phone
    • will have a moko finger scroller for selecting the pictures
    • will be organized better for 1024x600 resolution
    Battery Indicator:
    • will will have a battery level indicator in the status bar

Midbrowser Status

  • Continued with bug fixes effort. Looking into a browser crashed in accepting certificate dialog. It crashed in
  • Met with Bob and Rusty yesterday and discussed browser UI improvements that we can make to make it more user friendly.
  • Jimmy still in the process of debugging Midbrowser with the FF 3.0 codebase.

Status report for week 2007-11-27 to 2007-12-05

Hildon Desktop

  • Proposed and discussed git-dch to help with merges at moblin
    • Reviewed Bob Spencer's Apps Criteria
    • Lots of work on tinymail + modest + wpeditor (and useless libwpeditor-plus):
      • - Revisited the initial porting done by asac (notably added configure flags for the various mozilla pkgconfig files) with the invaluable help of asac - Ported this to tinymail's SVN and sent the fixes; almost all merged - Looked into modest build failures up to where StevenK had arrived; turns out the blocker at this point was fixed in SVN - Fixed misc stuff in modest SVN (missing files, stricter compiler etc.); everything merged - Ported modest's gtkmozembed to xul 1.9 as well; and another cheers for Alexander! Almost all merged upstream - Discussed with asac how to fix the mozilla .pc files to have a clean solution for the rest of our kludges in tinymail and modest - Looked at libwpeditor-plus, turns out this isn't used anymore - Looked at wpeditor; sent misc mixes upstream and asked about public SCM; no news yet
  • Fixed serious but trivial issue in osso-af-settings which went unnoticed; sent the fixes upstream I am still pursuing work on modest and got something to play with today with a gtkhtml (instead of mozembed which upstream claims is experimental) based modest from SVN against tinymail from SVN as well. attachment:modest.png

Mobile Kernel and Driver Status

  • PSB / SLT HW Support Jacob is still root causing the Local APIC Timer issue, this is looking like a potential Si issue with the mwait instruction while in C1 state with Tickless idle enabled. Wakeup events are being ignored. Jacob is working on a workaround for the issue. SDIO

    We're still in the process of integrating & developer testing Marvell's GPL release of the 8688 WLAN + BT drivers. WLAN basic functionality is there, but BT is failing on FTP transfers. Dabney Thermal patches No changes this week. USB Client Drivers Alek Du is working on a full USB Client solution for Specifically he's working on these tasks:

    • moblin-image-creator will be modified to allow configuring a per-platform vfat partition. Eventually mic will support per-device type configuration, but for now we are just working with
      • per-platform. TODO: determine if per-device configs need to be done in the Moblin Beta3 timeframe.
    • Alek will add a hotplug script to crown-beach-config that will:
      • - Broadcast a DBus message to notify applications - Attempt to unmount the vfat partition, and if that fails then wait a configurable period of time, kill all processes with open file descriptors on the partition, and then unmount the
        • partion
        - After the device is disconnected, then mount the vfat partition and then broadcast a DBus message to let applications know that it is Ok to read data off the partition again.
        • This first implementation will not provide a mechanism for the user to cancel the sync operation via the device. That will happen by using the host system to disconnect (or just pulling out the USB cable.) Eventually (and we need to decide if this is a Beta3 thing), we need to have an interactive interface between the applications and the hotplug script to allow an app to prevent a sync. For example, you plug your device into the host system, but only want to charge and wish to continue using the MID.

    PSB Gfx & Video Drivers We've begun integrating PSB Gfx driver Beta3 release. I'm expecting it to be completed by end of this week. During our integration testing we noticed that with this version of the driver, Power Top is showing an additional 120 interrupts per second from X. The closed source components will not be released on due to third-party license restrictions. Power and Performance Testing/Optimization No changes this week.

Midbrowser Status

  • Fixed a browser crashed in accepting certificate dialog reported early last week. The stack dump pointed to but it turned out the root cause was in browser's
    • gtk2drawing.c. It passed a bad widget to one of libsapwood's drawing routine.
  • Implemented some ui changes to the preference dialog as suggested by Bob and Rusty. The goal was to simplify the preference pages in the preference dialog.
  • Jimmy finally got the Midbrowser working with the FF3.0 beta1 codebase. The basic web browsing appears to work fine. The new "page zoom" feature seems to work pretty good. He didn't
    • spend too much time on testing it. There are currently 2 known issues. The hildonized menu didn't work properly and gconf patch that we obtained from Suse didn't work at all.

Weekly status for Moblin Image Creator

  • Work continued on yum support for moblin image creator. Can now create a project and a target using Fedora.
  • Still need to create an install USB image, which works differently on Fedora versus Ubuntu
  • Prajwal (mostly) and I have made some nice changes to the GUI. Selecting which FSET to install is much slicker looking than before. Also the throbber doesn't stop when deleting large
    • projects anymore.