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Welcome to the MobileAndEmbedded reporting page. Every month this page reveals a snapshot of the work that has been going on in the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Community. If you have have been working hard on the project and want to let others know what you have been up to, try to summarize it here. Community contributions are actively encouraged. A few guidelines for how to write good points are:

  • Keep it simple and short - single sentences are best. Smile :)

  • Try to summarise your work and not be over-detailed - we don't need to know specifics, just a summary of the kind
  • Where possible, include relevant links.

You should get all your reporting included here by the 22nd of every month.

The Report

Ubuntu Mobile [ MootBot Logs]

Week 21 -27 Feb

  • Some more work on pimlico; dates is now in sync between upstream, Debian, and Ubuntu; tasks is ready to be synced, but this requires a seed change, so deferred
  • Some discussion on versioning of kernel uploads to the ppa (versus in hardy); we should probably pin the ppa higher than hardy for all practical purposes
  • Started some quickstart documentation on gettext usage
  • Started research on langpacks, documented how much they would gain us ..10 MB says Arne, and what we would need to do (we would have to do a lot)
  • Adapt Open Office to be able export documents to PDF from command line. The reason behind this is to allow evince to view MS Office documents
  • Created a small launcher application called "treb" (short for trebuchet) that is basically an openfile-type dialog that will let the user select a file and will automatically filter it using Open Office and pass it to be read by Evince.
  • Firefox 3.0 beta2 chinese language pack was patched and made to work with Midbrowser.
  • Added all the internationalization support back into moblin-applets and enabled mobile-basic-flash to display multi-language icon texts
  • Lots of driver and kernel bug fixes

28 - 6 March

  • Prepared elisa (a project to create an open source media center solution for GNU/Linux) packages which will need testing
  • Discussion on language packs.This is summarised at [ here]

  • Some discussions on the UI of APT related packages. The goal is to to have the UI usable on smaller interfaces such as subnotebooks or MIDs, in fullscreen (no windowing), with the finger
  • Discussions about adding finger scroll support to Evince (PDF Viewer used by the browser to view pdf file), browser dialogs and preference window using the Moko library.
  • An issue was discovered with the browser on sites which use Microsoft's window media 9 plugin
  • Moblin Applets was [ documented] and a sample applet is being created to demonstrate best practice.

  • A backlight bug was found and is being root caused
  • Discovered that changing kernel configure options could let Moblin kernel boot faster.
    • Setting "no" to CONFIG_BLK_DEV_FD and CONFIG_ISAPNP could save as many as 3 seconds!!!

7 - 13 March

  • We saved another 6 seconds for normal boot by removing some "unnecessary" services and moving some services to be started after hildon desktop is launched. We removed the services pcmciautils and mountkernfs. The postponed services are IUSBC and Bluetooth
  • Preliminary discussions on [ Console Kit] integration

  • A need for additional documentation was identified for the tarball release + ppa upload process, the patch addition process and bug tagging process
  • A patch to Openoffice to allow export of PDF files via command line was incorporated. This will enable reading of MS Office document files. The patch converts whatever OO can read, converts it to a PDF and launches evince pointing to the resulting file. The conversion time is amazingly fast so it's quite a nice solution

14 - 20 March

  • Discussion on xulrunner package in Ubuntu and the upstream xulrunner midbrowser on moblin.
    • They appear to be drifting away from each other and a solution needs to be found