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Investigate how to build a community around ubuntu mobile

Release Note


Use Cases



Mobile Track


  • Create something worth building a community around People should be comfortable with it, making it welcoming Maemo annoyed people by dropping support for the first devices (N770) Ask/create key users/bloggers to help create your community Assign someone to the task of building a community Give external developers an easy way to develop stuff Ask for/open to criticism
  • Excellent docs to open development to non Linux experts Get involved page/Ubuntu Mobile web site like other flavors do Define themes so community can make and share them Application SDK to pull together now disparate information Image Creator to spit out a VMWare image/package to get eyeballs on it Events e.g Open Bossa If not host them at least participate on them heavily. Developer Device Program Central discussion/support location like Internet Tablet Talk or Garage Planet Use existing Ubuntu Community Infrastructure

    Community "Developer of the Week" with photo and writeup for outstanding contributions <- Fridge stuff? - Absolutely (Corey Burger)

    Integrate into Popularity Contest as a type on garage system for developers


UI Changes

Code Changes

Test/Demo Plan

Outstanding Issues


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