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## page was renamed from

Whomever adds a point to the page, kindly make 'Added by [your nick/name]:' as the prefix , so that it will be easy for us to discuss in the meeting with you on the side to give a brief explanation regarding your Idea/suggestion

Plans and Progress

Till 10/25/2011

List of "NOs"

Ubuntu There will be NO UBT Council - [ Alternate: There will be a POC for the whole UBT, so that people from the community can communicate through him/her to the whole team ]

Ubuntu There will be NO UBT membership - [ Alternate: There will be a separate flow of mentoring and membership for each Focus Groups ]

Ubuntu There will be NO Specific/group of chairpersons for the meeting - [Alternate: Anyone can chair the meeting(If he knows the meeting procedure and the bot, plus the members present in the meeting agree to let him/her to chair the meeting)

Ubuntu There will be NO orders - [ Alternate: There will be only 'Ideas', which will be discussed in the meeting and will be applied ]

List of "YESs"

Ubuntu Yes, UBT is an Open Team - Anyone can join UBT any time and can find the way to contribute to the community. There is no need to drop a mail. Just get into the IRC and get new friends and colleagues Wink ;)

Ubuntu Yes, You can give ideas from the first day you enter into the team. There is no condition that you should be a known person to everyone/ contributed already. (Hope we all are beginners in some fact Wink ;) )

Ubuntu Yes, You can support/speak against any Idea ( If you have a valid point, it will be processed )

Ubuntu Yes, We are looking for the support from the whole Ubuntu community to help us work on the Focus groups, by providing some of their time in mentoring people and guiding them to contribute in the future.

Ubuntu Yes, You can help us in this restructuring process and suggest what you want to change/apply in UBT.


Ubuntu Have to frame a core team, who can help in restructuring.

Ubuntu Get people to work in the UBT wiki pages to make sure that people are aware of the restructuring and the team pages are under modification

Currently we have Myself, Unit193, Ap0gEE and Daniel on Board. We welcome people who can help with wiki.

Ubuntu Appoint a person to update the Wiki pages of UBT regarding the meetings and the activities going on in UBT

Ubuntu Place a POC(or maybe 2) for UBT and place an Idea to circulate the POC of the Team once in 6 months or once an year. We can use the poll Wink ;)

Ubuntu Nominate the Leads of the BT FGs, who will be acting as the bridge between UBT and that particular Ubuntu FG.

Ubuntu Help the Leads in framing the structure,mentoring process and the procedure to join the FG

Okay, This page will be updated if any new ideas/proposal is being suggested.

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