Hello, welcome to the page of Monia Spinelli!
I'm passionate of Open Source. I know Ubuntu since 2006 and now I use it at home and at work. In my opinion Ubuntu is the best way to use a PC.
From a few month I'm contributing to Ubuntu in a various ways. First I joined the Italian Community and now I'm involved in testing and promotions.
I'm also a member of Ubuntu Women and Printing groups.
Ubuntu is a great chance to spread FLOSS over the world.

Personal Information

  • Name: Monia Spinelli
  • Nickname: Mony
  • Year of Birth: 1981
  • City: Palermo
  • Location: Milan
  • Email: spmonia AT
  • Launchpad:

Activities in Ubuntu

A few more unfortunately, but I'm about to start Wink ;)
I wrote an article on the Ubuntu for the GGD site.


I like the caribbean dance and swimming is my favorite sport.


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