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Greetings! Welcome to the Montez Fitzpatrick Wiki Page. I am a Network Security Engineer and perennial student. I have always held a passion for all things technical. I love working with my hands and have always had an aptitude for computers. Early in life it wasn't my first love. When I was a youngin' I wanted to be a chemist in the worst way. After one experiment in my grandma's attic which threatened to reduce the house to cinders, I figured that I needed another outlet. I got my degree in Computer Information Systems from the University of Central Missouri in 2003.

I am currently working on obtaining my CISSP and trying to become proficient in Ruby. Afterwards I am hoping to obtain my Masters of Science in Information Assurance. But we'll have to see where that takes me.

I have been a GNU/Linux dabbler since 1995. It was an on again, off again relationship. I tinkered and even joined my local college LUG and was the event coordinator. But it just never stuck. I really became entralled in 2005 and recently I have ditched Windows as my OS of choice. I believe I've learned more within the last year than I've learned since 95.


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