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Monty Taylor

Contact info

Name: Monty Taylor

Location: Valencia, California, USA (PST -0800 GMT)

E-mail: mordred at inaugust dot com

Website: [] and [ resume]

GnuPG public key:

Presence: sdirector on


I lead a dual life as a Theatrical Lighting Designer and as a Programmer. I am currently in grad school at CalArts for Lighting Design. I am also working a Zope-based remote contract for a big evil software company. Much of my Free Software work has been either general community involvement or evangelizing at non-free workplaces. I have also co-authored several pieces of reasonably specialized Free Software, one of which, plywood, is a part of Debian Sid at the moment. Although I'm working for pay for a closed company right now, I have quit jobs over software freedom issues before, and I stand quite staunchly on principal when I don't *REALLY* need a gig to put myself through school.

I am a Python hacker by choice, and do almost all of my current work in some combination of Python, Zope and Plone. I was a Perl hacker for a while, though. I even attended the first Perl Whirl Geek Cruise. I also do sysadmin work, and hack on LaTeX, elisp and all the web and XML-based buzzwords you can think of... although I try my best to avoid Java, I can play if I need to. I try to support the FSF as much as possible. Unfortunately I suffer from the old FSF mentality and don't ever get around to releasing things, even though they all have GPL headers and I use them all the time.

On top of all of that, I love packaging .debs. I have my own APT repository, and set one up at the last job I was at as a sysadmin for all the CPAN packages we used that weren't in Debian already. Although it should go without saying, I'm quite well versed in using GPG and CVS. I actually build all of my packages out of CVS using cvs-buildpackage. I hear that subversion is the wave of the future, but my main server is running Debian stable and is at a co-lo, so I'm not holding my breath for when I can upgrade it. (Although my coding partner is going to do a trial run of upgrading Debian boxen to Ubuntu with his servers at work. If that goes well, we may do ours.)

Ubuntu interests

I would like to add support for/maintain:

  • keychain
  • dirvish
  • plywood

(list will be added to as I find things)

I'm also quite happy to help with Zope/Plone packaging efforts, or with anything else that comes along.

Time Available

The time I have varies from week to week, and on whether I'm actively needed on a project or not. The more I'm involved, the more I tend to contribute.