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Monty Taylor

Contact info

Name: Monty Taylor

Location: Seattle, WA, USA (PST -0800 GMT)

E-mail: mordred at inaugust dot com

Website: [] and [ resume]

GnuPG public key:

Presence: mtaylor on


I'm a Senior Consultant at MySQL. I'm one of the most annoyingly vocal Ubuntu proponents within MySQL - the one always asking why our official level of support isn't higher. Withing the consulting group, I specialize in HA solutions and MySQL cluster. As such, I have a vested interest in making NDB, Heartbeat and DRBD all work well within Ubuntu. I am the principal developer of the [ NDB/Connectors], a project to wrap the MySQL Cluster NDB API in various programming languages.

I've been building Debian packages for myself for years, and hack on packages and backports quite frequently. I'm the maintainer of the plywood package in Debian, although I'm not a Debian Developer and uploading bugfixes is always a pain. I have some other stuff I'd like to add or upload, but the Debian New Maintainer process is rather arduous and subject to people's time.

I hack in Python and C# by choice, although I can do whatever.

I'm currently a part of the Debian MySQL packaging team. I'm also trying to contribute to bzr, and I'm a very vocal advocate of both bzr and launchpad.

Ubuntu interests

I would like to add support for/maintain/contribute to:

  • mysql
  • mysql-cluster
  • ndb-connectors
  • heartbeat
  • drbd
  • bzr

I am working on Debian packaging for the Sphinx Storage Engine.

Time Available

The time I have varies from week to week, and on whether I'm actively needed on a project or not. The more I'm involved, the more I tend to contribute.