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Monty Taylor

Contact info

Name: Monty Taylor

Location: Seattle, WA, USA (PST -0800 GMT)

E-mail: mordred at inaugust dot com

Website: and resume

GnuPG public key: 52B54601, 917E436B, 6E1E884E

Presence: mtaylor on


I'm a System Architect for Rackspace Cloud. I'm also a core developer on Drizzle.

I've been building Debian packages for myself for years, and hack on packages and backports quite frequently. I'm the maintainer of several packages in Debian, although I'm not a Debian Developer and uploading bugfixes is always a pain.

I hack in Python and C++ by choice, although I can do whatever.

I'm a very vocal advocate of both bzr and launchpad.

Ubuntu interests

I would like to add support for/maintain/contribute to:

  • Drizzle
  • rackspace cloud
  • libdrizzle
  • gearman
  • haildb
  • drizzle-python
  • libmemcached
  • vapour

Time Available

I am the primary person upstream involved in packaging all of our software, so I pretty much have as much time as is needed. The more I'm involved, the more I tend to contribute.