Meeting opened by Ddorda at 22:01

  • <akgraner> yep

    <akgraner> do you have a mootbot-uk PM now

    <_marx_> and progress report is something mootbot doesn't have

    <Ddorda> [topic] using a bot @ ubuntu-il

using a bot @ ubuntu-il

  • <Ddorda> yea, I do Big Grin :)

    <Ddorda> [idea] using MootBot

using MootBot

  • <akgraner> Ddorda, you have to use the brackets

    <akgraner> []

    <akgraner> oh sorry missed that

    <akgraner> doh!

    <Ddorda> [idea] using MootBot-uk

using MootBot-uk

  • <akgraner> Ddorda, so just use all the commands so you can see how the output looks on the log

    <Ddorda> [vote] using MootBot-uk (if not, using the regular one)

Motion: using MootBot-uk (if not, using the regular one)

  • <Ddorda> arm.. let me thing of it a moment... ermm....

    <Ddorda> +1 Id say!

    <akgraner> _marx_, et all Ddorda is from the Israel LoCo tea, and they had their 1st meeting today

    <akgraner> team even

    <_marx_> ah outstanding Ddorda Smile :)

    <akgraner> so we had a short mootbot class in the scribes channel and I wanted him to see mootbot-uk as well

    <Ddorda> _marx_: Big Grin :)

  • _marx_ saw the loco-contacts post


    <akgraner> +1

    <akgraner> _marx_, just vote so he can see how the voting work

    <_marx_> someone from the Mars team sent a welcome mossage

    <Ddorda> yea, I know! that's so funny! Big Grin :)

    <_marx_> uh, what am i voting on?

    <akgraner> and if someone else like internalkernel could vote through a private method that would be great

    <akgraner> _marx_, nothing we are just demoing the bot

    <Ddorda> _marx_: like.. read the logs?! doh -.-

    <Ddorda> Big Grin :)

    <internalkernel> how?

    <_marx_> +1

    <Ddorda> [endvote]

Results: 3 in favour, 0 against, 0 abstained.

Overall: 3

Motion Carried: using MootBot-uk (if not, using the regular one)

Motion Denied: using MootBot-uk (if not, using the regular one)

Deadlock. If someone has a casting vote now is the time to use it

  • <akgraner> internalkernel, E.g. /msg Mootbot-UK +1 #ubuntu-us-nc

    <_marx_> internalkernel: msg the bot

    <akgraner> internalkernel, nevermind :-P

    <internalkernel> to late - I just tried... it yelled at me :/

    <akgraner> hehe

    <akgraner> internalkernel, better it than me Smile :-)

    <Ddorda> [agreed] we will use the the UK one...

we will use the the UK one...

  • <Ddorda> oh.. we got to the end of the agenda so fast? wow that was quick

    <akgraner> Ddorda, see you have the hang of it - that is exactly the way to use agreed

    <akgraner> well you aren't finished

    <_marx_> link

    <akgraner> you have to end the meeting Smile :-) but

    <akgraner> but yes they are instant

    <_marx_> [link]

  • <internalkernel> are we in a meeting?

    <internalkernel> lmao

    <_marx_> internalkernel: demo run

    <akgraner> internalkernel, we are demoing

    <internalkernel> cool... I thought I missed something

    <Ddorda> great meeting guys.. cya you next time :P

    <akgraner> internalkernel, you are always missing something :-P

    <Ddorda> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 22:09

People Present

  • akgraner
  • _marx_
  • Ddorda
  • internalkernel

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