This is an informational spec outlining the identified requirements for getting more non-mozillateam bug triagers involved into mozilla package bug process while keeping efficiency high.

In the past contributions by bugcontrol or bugsquad member to mozilla bug triage happened, but wasn't well aligned with the mozillateam procedures and thus wasn't was efficient as it could be.

After Discussions at UDS and in follow up chats we identified the following actions to be taken in order to tap the bugcontrol team resources on mozilla bug triaging:

23:19 < asac> ACTION: redo MozillaTeam/Bugs mainpage and in the form of
23:30 < asac> ACTION: get monthly hug days for firefox to get more triagers
23:31 < asac> ACTION: mentor dedicated bug triagers about mozilla upstream triage to seed initial know-how amount 
          bugcontrol members
23:32 < asac> ACTION: strip down bug procedure to minimum

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