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== Contact ==

'''IRC:''' #ubuntu-mozillateam on the [ Freenode Network][[BR]]
'''Mailing List:''' [ Ubuntu-Mozillateam]
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 Please go to ["MozillaTeam/DevelopingFirefox"] (under construction).  Please go to ["MozillaTeam/Develop"] (under construction).
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=== Learning, Teaching, Growing ===

You can reach us on our IRC channel, #ubuntu-mozillateam on the [ Freenode Network]

Please consider all information found in this page and its subpages as the opinions of the authors, rather than Ubuntu policy, until this disclaimer has been removed with the approval of the Technical Board and Community Council.


As a team, we hope to create a place where people can come together to help improve people's experience using Mozilla Foundation software on Ubuntu.


  1. To report, triage, and fix bugs relating to Mozilla software.
  2. To work closely with upstream developers on technical, professional, and personal levels.
  3. To create an environment that both attracts experienced developers and helps new developers improve their skills.
  4. To have fun.


IRC: #ubuntu-mozillateam on the [ Freenode Network]BR Mailing List: [ Ubuntu-Mozillateam]

Joining the team

Want to join the team? Information can be found at ["MozillaTeam/Membership"].

Team Meetings

The time for the next meeting, which will take place in #ubuntu-mozillateam, is to be decided later.

Please see ["MozillaTeam/Meetings"] for more details.

Squashing Bugs

Reporting a bug

  • If you want to report a bug, please go to ["MozillaTeam/Bugs"].

Triaging a bug

  • Please go to ["DebuggingFirefoxDevels"], or ["MozillaTeam/Bugs/Triage"] which is the experimental new page for bug triagers.

    To see the procedures for triaging other bugs, please go to ["DebuggingProcedures"].

Fixing a bug

  • Please go to ["MozillaTeam/Develop"] (under construction).

Swimming Upstream

When reporting upstream bugs in plugins (such as Java or Flash), make sure you report the bug in the right place. You can check which plugin you're using by going to the URL about:plugins in your Mozilla browser.





Getting Started

Does this sound interesting? ["MozillaTeam/GettingStarted"] is the place to jump in.

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