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The next meeting, which will take place in {{{#ubuntu-meeting}}}, is on Monday 19th February 2007 at 21.30UTC. The next meeting, which will take place in {{{#ubuntu-meeting}}}, is to be announced.


Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu Mozilla Team, we are the guys and gals that deal with most of the requests based on Mozilla based products, we are dedicated to triaging, fixing, providing support for all the applications throughout the suite. It is a vast operation as these applications are highly visible within Ubuntu, however it's a challenge that we all relish.

How can I help?

Bug Reporting

The page ["MozillaTeam/Bugs"] contains useful information on how to report in a way that helps the team to process bugs efficiently.

Bug Triage

If you want to join the MozillaTeam or just want to help out, triaging bugs is a fairly easy task that always needs to be done. Information on bug triaging can be found on ["MozillaTeam/Bugs/Triage"].

Bug Fixing

The last step is to fix the report, more information can be found at ["MozillaTeam/Develop"].

Wiki Maintenance

At the present moment the wiki is growing greatly, we need a few more people to help get it into shape, please see ["MozillaTeam/Wiki"] for more information.

More information in general can be found at the getting started guide, ["MozillaTeam/GettingStarted"].

How do I join?

Interested? More information can be found at ["MozillaTeam/Membership"].


The next meeting, which will take place in #ubuntu-meeting, is to be announced.

Please see ["MozillaTeam/Meetings"] for more details.


IRC: #ubuntu-mozillateam on the [ Freenode Network]BR

Mailing List: [ ubuntu-mozillateam]

Bug Mailing List: [ ubuntu-mozillateam-bugs] - (Warning: High Volume Traffic).

[:CategoryMozillaTeam], [:CategoryBugSquad], [:CategoryUbuntuTeams]

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