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=== Preview Testing === === Quality Assurance ===

We document our QA procedures in [:MozillaTeam/QA]

==== Preview Testing ====



Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu Mozilla Team, we are the guys and gals that deal with most of the requests based on Mozilla [:MozillaTeam/Packages:software]. We are dedicated to triaging, fixing, testing, and providing support for all the applications throughout the suite. Please see our [:MozillaTeam/Roadmap:road map] for tasks we are working on. It is a vast operation as these applications are highly visible within Ubuntu, however it's a challenge that we all relish.

How can I help?

Bug Reporting

The [:MozillaTeam/Bugs:bug reporting] page contains useful information on how you can report bugs in a way that will helps the team to process them more efficiently.

Bug Triage

If you want to join the Mozilla Team or just want to help out, triaging bugs is a fairly easy task that always needs to be done. Information on bug triaging can be found on [:MozillaTeam/Bugs/Procedures:triage procedures].

Bug Fixing

The next step is fixing the properly triaged issue reports, more information can be found on our [:MozillaTeam/Develop:development] page.

Quality Assurance

We document our QA procedures in [:MozillaTeam/QA]

Preview Testing

The last step is testing our new build before pushing them in the Ubuntu repositories. We have a set of [:MozillaTeam/PreviewArchives:preview archives] for testing recent fixes.

Wiki Maintenance

At the present moment the wiki is growing quickly, we need a few more people to help get it into shape, please see our [:MozillaTeam/wiki standards] page for more information.

[:CategoryMozillaTeam], [:CategoryBugSquad], [:CategoryUbuntuTeams]

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