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Purpose & Vision

Create order from the chaos.


  • we will triage and fix bugs on

  • discuss and fix issues and bring some good hackers in, knowing how different parts of Firefox work and able to reply to some specific questions
  • create a technical place/list with people having good knowledge about Firefox parts

Get Started

Does this sound cool to you? ["MozillaTeam/GettingStarted"] is just for you.

Bug squashing

Are you reporting a bug? Please go to ["MozillaTeam/Bugs"]

Are you triaging a bug? Please go to ["DebuggingFirefox"]*

To see procedures for triaging other bugs, please go to ["DebuggingProcedures"]

* See ["MozillaTeam/Bugs/Triage"], which is the experimental new page for ["DebuggingFirefox"]