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I've updated the [[|Lubuntu Testing]] from Alpha3 to Beta1. I'll keep an eye on this one and make it less work when the next version(s) are released. I've updated the [[|Lubuntu Testing]] from Alpha3 to Beta1. I've also remove much of the linkage to a certain version. Now only the == <insert current testing release> Released == and == Minimal Installation and 64 Bit == section need to be updated when a new testing release is available.

Contact Information Location:

The Netherlands Age:

Born in June 1987 Launchpad Profile:

chrisdruif Ubuntu Forums:

ChrisDruif Languages:

Dutch, English My Website: IRC:

MrChrisDruif on Twitter:

Ryu_Kurisu Currently using:

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat 64-bit desktop

About Me

When I started with my community work in nov-dec of 2010 I wouldn't have thought that I would get so involved with projects. I planned on staying a bit in the background, only to help others when I absolutely was sure about an answer. Learning and helping as I went I got involved with the SpeechControl Team. More about this at Team Memberships.

I was also interested in the lightweight (unofficial) derivative of Ubuntu called Lubuntu. In jan-feb 2011 I joined #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic channels to get to know the team and help where possible.

On a more casual side-note: I play the clarinet, bass-clarinet, saxophone and sing Tenor.

Software Engineering

I'm being trained at the moment to become a software designer and as such I've got skills in designing software and managing people for development. On a previous version of my wiki I stated that I wouldn't shock the world with my programming skills, and I still stand by that statement. I'm enjoying psychology in designing software, so I design from the users perspective. That way all the functions implemented in the software are easy to use and located at logical places. (Sometimes I charter my mother to see if I'm heading the right way, as software should be dead simple to use. So simple that my mother should be able to use it.)

My Guide

In January I've been asked by UndiFineD if I could be his first Apprentice. I gracefully accepted his offer. With the Council meeting preceding the UBT meeting of March I was eventually been accepted as an UBT member. However I keep a good relationship with my former Guide.

Team Memberships

I'm a member in the Voice driven UI and the Speechcontrol Team because both have got to do with speech recognition. Speech recognition is one of areas in which Ubuntu is lacking heavily at the moment. The current solutions have a 80% hit rate, but if we really want to improve speech recognition (in general, not only Linux) we need to add Artificial Intelligence.

The main project is Speechcontrol, in which I hope to learn how to package and help maintain the packages. Also admin work will be one of the things I want to become better in and hope to do this with this project.

Future Plans & Projects

At the moment I'm studying to become Bachelor of ICT in the field of Programming. While I'm doing this, I plan on also getting a few certificates in Linux and http/php/css.

Current Project & Goals

I'm working on IM Solo, a single window multi-protocol instant messenger. I got the idea at OMG!Ubuntu! and have been working on it from time to time. It's going to be written in Genie and is probably going to use telepathy as protocol engine.

I'm currently reading up on creating websites from an accessibility point instead of a design point. Should be good to learn it from the get go from this standpoint, so all of my future websites are easily accessible for everyone. (World, come to me Wink ;-) )

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Backup Your System

I've done a small edit on BackupYourSystem, where I've updated the table to use rowstyle instead of normal style. This made the editing of the table a lot more clean.

Lubuntu Testing

I've updated the Lubuntu Testing from Alpha3 to Beta1. I've also remove much of the linkage to a certain version. Now only the == <insert current testing release> Released == and == Minimal Installation and 64 Bit == section need to be updated when a new testing release is available.


If you wish to describe any of my contributions to the Ubuntu Community, please feel free to do so below. Thanks.

General Testimonials

Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership

Thank you all

Today I became an Ubuntu Beginners Team member. I would like to thank everyone involved, and especially UndiFineD, hajour, phillw and of course the Council.
-- MrChrisDruif 9 Mar. 2011


I have worked with Chris Druif for the past 2 months on the SpeechControl Team. He has been doing some terrific work on the blueprints and with programming on SpeechControl Team. Also he has supported me very well with translating and explain things. Since I have health issues I needed more help. I have seen him also in #ubuntu-beginners channel and in #ubuntu-beginners-team where he helped with great patience and friendly support. I can support the quality of his work, and believe Chris Druif is here to stay.
-- hajour 9 Feb. 2011


I also echo hajour He's also got a great sense of humour and patience, I have no hesitation in recommending this fine young man to UBT. He will be a great asset to UBT and is wanting to help others all the time.
-- phillw 9 Feb. 2011


And I echo phillw which, by programming standards, automatically echos the hajour module as well. Chris is always on IRC helping out and giving guidance to all those in need of it. He is also very friendly to everyone and just plain old fun to talk with in general. I give him the "Good lad" stamp of approval. Ask him, he will tell you. Kidding aside, I think he would be an excellent asset to the progression of the team!
-- RedSingularity 11 Feb. 2011


Chris is my first padawan, He was hanging round the UBT for some time, but never really expressed the desire to become a padawan. Yet he showed great interest, when I asked him to become one. Now, One month later He seems ready in my eyes to become a full member. He is involved in several commonly shared project teams with me, like SpeechControl. He has the desire to become a capable developer and can manage many things alone, but he is not afraid to ask for help when needed. In time Chris Druif will be a fully capable Ubuntu member, and thus I fully support him in becoming a Ubuntu Beginners Team member.
-- UndiFineD 12 Feb. 2011


Chris, what can I say? You're a really sociable, easy-to-talk-to and willing to work kind of guy. Those kind of people tend to always find a +1 spot with me, and heh Big Grin :) you got it. Having you around makes things a little less stressful, as you know with SpeechControl, we're working on stuff that can help the common good. Your concern with what you can do to assist others and ensure that you and others can cooperate, learn and grow on each other is *so* the Ubuntu way, and that instantaneously is a thumbs-up. I don't see why you can't be a member of UBT, or Ubuntu, you have what it takes.
-- Jacky Alcine 15 Feb. 2011


Chris and I have known each other since my switch from the big W to Lubuntu. I had just installed my system and therefore - due to my lack of Linux knowledge - many problems. When I was in the #Lubuntu channel, Chris was the first to welcome me and took the time it needed for my many questions. I can only confirm that Chris is very helpful to "newbies" and takes care of problems of all kinds. In my opinion, Chris is a big help for the UBT!
-- NRWlion 06 Mar. 2011

Ubuntu Membership

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