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||<tablestyle="text-align: center;"> {{ | Email}} <<BR>> <<MailTo(cyber DOT druif AT NO SPAM gmail DOT com)>> ||{{*wUqJxGC3eNm2v-AQqAgS4LUzilrEB6iu/Google_plus_logo.jpg?crop=1%3A1&width=64 | Google+}} <<BR>> [[ | Google+]] || {{ | Twitter }} <<BR>> [[ | Twitter]] || {{ |}} <<BR>> [[ | Launchpad]] || {{ | IRC channels}} <<BR>> [[,#lubuntu-offtopic,#ubuntu+1,#ubuntu-beginners-team,#ubuntu-beginners-wiki,#ubuntu-bots-team,#ubuntu-community-team,#ubuntu-design,#ubuntu-doc,#ubuntu-for-all,#ubuntu-meeting,#ubuntu-news,#Ubuntu-nl-mwanzo,#ubuntu-nl-offtopic,#ubuntu-offtopic,#ubuntu-ops,#ubuntu-ops-team,#ubuntu-phone,#ubuntu-power-users,#ubuntu-tablet,#ubuntu-testing,#ubuntu-tv,#ubuntu-women | IRC]] || {{ | Birthday}} <<BR>> 1987 || {{ | Location}} <<BR>> [[ | Zoetermeer]] || ||<tablestyle="text-align: center; width: 95%"> [[ | {{ |}}]] || [[|{{*wUqJxGC3eNm2v-AQqAgS4LUzilrEB6iu/Google_plus_logo.jpg?crop=1%3A1&width=64 | Google+}}]] || [[ | {{ | Twitter }}]] || [[,#lubuntu-offtopic,#ubuntu+1,#ubuntu-beginners-team,#ubuntu-beginners-wiki,#ubuntu-bots-team,#ubuntu-community-team,#ubuntu-design,#ubuntu-doc,#ubuntu-for-all,#ubuntu-meeting,#ubuntu-news,#Ubuntu-nl-mwanzo,#ubuntu-nl-offtopic,#ubuntu-offtopic,#ubuntu-ops,#ubuntu-ops-team,#ubuntu-phone,#ubuntu-power-users,#ubuntu-tablet,#ubuntu-testing,#ubuntu-tv,#ubuntu-women | {{ | IRC channels}}]] || [[ | {{ | 1987}}]] || [[ | {{ | Zoetermeer}}]] ||
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##{{ | <a href="></a>}} <<BR>> <<MailTo(chrisdruif AT NO SPAM ubuntu DOT com)>> ||

About Me

When I joined the community in nov-dec of 2010 I wouldn't have thought that I would get so involved with so many projects. I planned on staying a bit in the background, only to help others when I absolutely was sure about an answer. Learning and helping as I went I got involved with the BeginnersTeam.

I was also interested in the lightweight (now) recognized flavour of Ubuntu called Lubuntu. In jan-feb 2011 I joined #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic channels to get to know the team and help where possible.

Now after two years I'm starting to feel real confident about my abilities as wiki-admin and start to pursuit a new direction. If you know a good place to get started on Artwork and Design for Ubuntu/Linux: feel free to contact me.

Contact Information



IRC channels




I've started contributing to Ubuntu since I joined the Beginners Team but it became more serious after I joined the Lubuntu team. As time progressed I became more knowledgeable about Ubuntu, Lubuntu and using the moinmoin wiki with all it's features. As such I've become the Team Leader for the Wiki section of Lubuntu. Because my contributions are already quite reasonable and will only become more did me decide to move it to it's own sub-page, which can be found here.

Future Goals

I'm on my way to mastering the moinmoin wiki and as my next "challenge" I've decided to pursuit something I loved to do as a kid: Design/Drawing! For starters I've decided to first input my thoughts on the Ubuntu Design team, as well the TV team and the Phone team. I've also joined the Lubuntu Artwork group.


Because a lot of people were putting up testimonials (thanks everyone!) I've moved them to it's own sub-page, which can be found here

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