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Contact Information Location:

The Netherlands Age:

Born in June 1987 Launchpad Profile:

chrisdruif Ubuntu Forums:

ChrisDruif Languages:

Dutch, English My Website: (needs to be set up, check again later) IRC:

MrChrisDruif on (for Ubuntu-channels) Twitter:

Ryu_Kurisu Currently using:

Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat 64-bit desktop

About Me

About Me should be written by others, because I find it difficult to tell something about myself. Not because I'm not interesting, but I'm not a good story writer.

I think that I'm not the master-coder that would change the entire world with his codes. But I do think I can be a good project manager or find the people who can realize what I've got in mind.

On a more casual side-note: I play the clarinet, bass-clarinet, saxophone and sing Tenor Big Grin :) . That last one pretty good, because I sing in the quartet of an amateur choir.

Programming Skills

I've got programming skills in the following languages:

  • Java (intermediate)
  • Genie (beginner)

My Master

I've recently been asked by UndiFineD if I could be his first padawan. I gracefully accepted his offer.

Team Memberships

I'm a member in the Voice driven UI and the Speechcontrol Team because both have got to do with speech recognition. Speech recognition is one of areas in which Ubuntu is lacking heavily at the moment. The current solutions have a 80% hit rate, but if we really want to improve speech recognition (in general, not only Linux) we need to add Artificial Intelligence.

The main project is Speechcontrol, in which I hope to learn how to package and help maintain the packages.

Future Plans & Projects

At the moment I'm studying to become Bachelor of ICT in the field of Programming. While I'm doing this, I plan on also getting a few certificates in Linux and http/php/css.

Current Project & Goals

I'm working on IM Solo, a single window multi-protocol instant messenger. I got the idea at OMG!Ubuntu! and have been working on it from time to time. It's going to be written in Genie and is probably going to use telepathy as protocol engine.

I'm currently reading up on creating websites from an accessibility point instead of a design point. Should be good to learn it from the get go from this standpoint, so all of my future websites are easily accessible for everyone. (World, come to me Wink ;-) )

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

None, yet! But I've only just started getting involved in Ubuntu, other than being a user. I don't know if it counts as a contribution, but I can be found on different IRC channels, helping where I can.


Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership