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Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot 64-bit desktop

About Me

When I started with my community work in nov-dec of 2010 I wouldn't have thought that I would get so involved with projects. I planned on staying a bit in the background, only to help others when I absolutely was sure about an answer. Learning and helping as I went I got involved with the SpeechControl Team. More about this at Team Memberships.

I was also interested in the lightweight (unofficial) derivative of Ubuntu called Lubuntu. In jan-feb 2011 I joined #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic channels to get to know the team and help where possible.

On a more casual side-note: I play the clarinet, bass-clarinet, saxophone and sing Tenor.

My Guide

In January I've been asked by UndiFineD if I could become his first Apprentice. I gracefully accepted his offer. With the Council meeting preceding the UBT meeting of March I was eventually been accepted as an UBT member. However I keep a good relationship with my former Guide.

Team Memberships


I've joined Lubuntu to do wiki work over there. Lubuntu is a young project which can use my help with wiki work.

Dutch Local Community

Future Plans & Projects

telepathy as protocol engine.

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Because my contribution will only accumulate I've decided to move my contribution section here


Because a lot of people were putting up testimonials (thanks everyone!) I've moved it to a sub-page, which can be found here