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About Me

When I started with my community work in nov-dec of 2010 I wouldn't have thought that I would get so involved with projects. I planned on staying a bit in the background, only to help others when I absolutely was sure about an answer. Learning and helping as I went I got involved with the BeginnersTeam.

I was also interested in the lightweight official flavor of Ubuntu called Lubuntu. In jan-feb 2011 I joined #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic channels to get to know the team and help where possible.

Contact Information Location:

The Netherlands Age:

Born in June 1987 Launchpad Profile:

chrisdruif Languages:

Dutch, English IRC:

MrChrisDruif on multiple channels Twitter:

ChrisDruif Currently using:

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot 64-bit desktop Email

<cyber DOT druif AT gmail DOT com>


Because my contribution are already reasonably large and will only accumulate I've decided to move my contribution section here

Future Goals

I'm currently trying to transition from wiki to design work. For this I've joined the Design team, as well the TV and the Phone team.


Because a lot of people were putting up testimonials (thanks everyone!) I've moved them to a sub-page, which can be found here