I, Mathieu Trudel, apply for MOTU.


Mathieu Trudel

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Who I am

I'm a sysadmin for Montreal, primarily working on Linux systems for my workplace, and contributing to various packages or upstream projects I use or to scratch particular "itches" I get while running Ubuntu as my workstation.

My Ubuntu story

I've been using Ubuntu just about since I joined my current workplace, and was suggested that I contribute to Ubuntu by some of my coworkers because of my ideas and some of the bugs that I noticed in some systems (like NetworkManager), and patches that I had proposed.

My involvement

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

  • LP #91964 - network-manager-vpnc - No Option To Save Group Password

  • LP #490326 - Please merge fontconfig 2.8.0-2 from Debian testing (main)

  • LP #392195 - telepathy-butterfly - add support for the http method (MSN over HTTP) -- this one is still in progress.

  • I'm also the current Debian maintainer for a couple of packages in Debian:

    • Concordance - Harmony remote configuration tool (CLI)
    • Congruity - graphical utility to configure Logitech Harmony remotes
    • Acct - GNU System and Process accounting utilities
    • Ethos - GTK+ Plug-in infrastructure (dependency for emerillon, which I am packaging)
  • I'm working on other Debian packages:

Areas of work


Daily tasks

  • I've been working mostly in the NetworkManager team, as NM is a project that both interests me very much and I use it (as well as the -vpnc plugin) everyday a lot.

  • I'm also contributing fixes to various bugs I find in day-to-day use on my own desktop, or to help out friends (or community members in Ubuntu-QC events). Those are mostly desktop related.
  • I've done a few merges, found out that I love doing that work, especially with Bzr.
  • Server-related projects interest me, such as 'acct', which relates directly to my line of work. Sadly, my exposure to Ubuntu servers is somewhat limited.

I strongly believe in working closely with upstream, and building a good relationship with them. It's key to getting issues fixed promptly and correctly, and also clearly a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the projects that we touch.

Things I could do better

I've been trying to get some upstream work down on NetworkManager, but I regularly have some issues with talking to some external DBUS interfaces, such as PolicyKit or PackageKit.

My C skills may be a bit limited, which can limit my understanding of some intricate bugs, in which case I strive to get the help of someone else (e.g. in the case of NM, the NetworkManager team), or upstream developers.

Plans for the future


I plan on keeping working on NetworkManager in particular, but also do more stuff in the general desktop and server realms. I'm also happy to help out new people contribute, and so I am trying to spend more time in #ubuntu-motu to lend a hand.

I especially enjoy working on automation, especially in testing; so my project Checklist will likely see many new improvements in the future.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I've seen in some cases bug comments that I would not be particularly proud of if I had written them, stuff that was written in a manner that may seem harsh to non-English speakers, or those for whom English is not their primary language. I know those were not written on purpose, and there certainly may be other factors to think about, but I believe a more widespread usage of Bugs/Responses could help a tremendous amount.


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General feedback

I only sponsored 5 uploads from Matthieu:

  • 2 on josm (one fixing a small bug and a merge request)
  • a merge request on resolvconf
  • a merge request on apt-cacher
  • a merge request on piuparts

but except in one case, that required some updates, they were well done, and I uploaded them without any changes.

My feeling is that Matthieu understand all the processes involved in Ubuntu release management and also knows how packaging works, even if I sponsored a small type of uploads (mainly merges). His reactivity when I encountered a problem has been very good, and it has been fixed very quickly.

Specific Experiences of working together




Areas of Improvement

Contribute to more different packages Wink ;-)

Alexander Sack (asac)

Matthieu is a long standing contributor to the ubuntu network-manager effort.

I reviewed a couple of uploads to the vpn plugins and also regular review his ongoing work on our other network-manager packages.

Recently, I also reviewed his fontconfig 2.8.0 merge for lucid where he did a great job managing the quite painful packaging situation.

Based on this and on various topics discussed on IRC, I am confident he understands the important topics to a point where he can become a MOTU. He also is nice to work with and fits great in the Ubuntu MOTU team.


=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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=== Areas of Improvement ===


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