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This spec discuss the inclusion and integration of a remote synchronization/storage/sharing solution in Edgy. The proposed solution is currently iFolder.


Having a multiple computers configuration is more and more common everyday : one desktop at work, one desktop at home, one laptop. Keeping tracks of a given file or synchronisation is often a real pain. Also, there's no easy way to share a file across the internet if you don't have webserver and the knowledge of ftp/sftp.

Use cases

  • Emma will soon fly to a conference in America with his whole new laptop. She want to be sure that she can access all the needed file that are on his home computer.
  • Joe want to share a 6 Mo file with Jack. Unfortunatly, his SMTP service only allow mail that are less than 5Mo.
  • William never remember if a given file is on his laptop or desktop. Sometimes, the file is on the desktop AND on the laptop but he want only the newest version.




Existing solutions :

  • - ["iFolder"] , an opensource solution from Novell would fit quite nicely.


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion