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This spec discuss the inclusion and integration of a remote synchronization/storage/sharing solution in Edgy. The proposed solution is currently iFolder.


Having a multiple computers configuration is more and more common everyday : one desktop at work, one desktop at home, one laptop. Keeping tracks of a given file or synchronisation is often a real pain. Also, there's no easy way to share a file across the internet if you don't have webserver and the knowledge of ftp/sftp.

Use cases

  • Emma will soon fly to a conference in America with his whole new laptop. She want to be sure that she can access all the needed file that are on his home computer.
  • Joe want to share a 6 Mo file with Jack. Unfortunatly, his SMTP service only allow mail that are less than 5Mo.
  • William never remember if a given file is on his laptop or desktop. Sometimes, the file is on the desktop AND on the laptop but he want only the newest version.




Existing solutions :

  • ["iFolder"] , an opensource solution from Novell would fit quite nicely.
  • [ Unison] a command line program that can keep multiple directories in sync. (even if there are changes on both) Works great, but would need a good nautilus extension (with a real gtk/gnome frontend) to really make it amazing.


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • Added unison as existing solution
    • I use this program to keep my usb key in sync with a directory on my hard drive. This allows me to work on either and still sync the changes. The only minor issue is that if you change a non-text file on both directories you will have to decide which one to keep. It will not merge the differences. This program can keep complete backups if necessary and can merge more then two directories, in any order. Amazingly powerful it just needs a GUI and to be integrated into nautilus. -- PeterVanderKlippe DateTime(2006-04-24T13:23:53Z)