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calib.sh sudo ./calib.sh


Before using, we need to get the code and build it:

 $ bzr branch lp:~utouch-team/utouch/ntrig-calibrator
 $ cd ntrig-calibrator
 $ sudo apt-get install libusb-dev
 $ make

Calibrating the Device

So far, we've seen evidence that the latest N-trig firmware causes the hardware to slowly become "de-calibrated" and in need of updating. Just do this:

sudo ./calib.sh

For which, you should get output something like the following:

[sudo] password for oubiwann: 
make: `calib' is up to date.
bus 0
bus 0
make: `firmware' is up to date.
firmware version: (0c001e08 8f220000)
mode: 0d010000

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