Dan Munckton


I have been using Linux since 2001 and I have been using Ubuntu since 5.04 Hoary Hedgehog. I first started using it on my work computer with 6.06 Dapper, and have never looked back.

My current focus is maintenance, bug triaging, and project management of the Ubuntu PS3 Port.

My Contributions

The PS3 Port Project

As soon as I got my PS3 I installed Gutsy on it. I found it very compelling that I could use this device as a home computer as well as a media centre and games console. Unfortunately about the same time it became one of the community supported ports (because it uses the PowerPC architecture) and became very broken in the Hardy lifecycle.

I realised very late on that no one was maintaining the port. I made an attempt to get it running again in time for Hardy's release by fixing the bootloader (bug #146230). Unfortunately that only revealed that there were too many bugs to fix in time.

I continued fixing PS3 issues throughout the Intrepid cycle with mentoring and sponsorship from Core Devs such as Colin Watson and various members of the Kernel and Xorg Teams. By doing this I have learned a great deal about how Ubuntu works, as I have had to jump from package to package throughout the core system chasing down bugs.

I took ownership of as many issues as I could. Highlights include:

With help and assistance from people in the Ubuntu community and in the upstream projects I successfully managed to get Ubuntu running and installing again on PS3 in time for the release of Intrepid. But there is still plenty of work to do to make it fully functional (See the Release Notes), and to reap the benefits the PS3/Cell offers.


In the Gutsy cycle I discovered that my employer's Java application no longer ran on Ubuntu. In order to continue developing it on my favourite OS I would have to track down the issue, or I'd end up back on Windows (yuck!).

After delving into Java and Xorg sources I discovered the issue was fixable in Java itself and became one of the first few community contributors to submit a patch to the OpenJDK 2D API project. My patch was included in Hardy. It was very satisfying and inspirational to experience the open source process working.


Implemented DAAP playlist sharing in Banshee: See


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