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123 West Grayson Street [[BR]]
Galax VA USA 24333
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Email: staff AT mydllurth DOT com Email: staff AT mydllurth DOT com [[BR]]
IRC: #mydllurth [[BR]]
VoIP: extension 4107

MyDLL Urth

Pronunciation: 'mi.d&l '&rth

123 West Grayson Street BR Galax VA USA 24333 BR Email: staff AT mydllurth DOT com BR IRC: #mydllurth BR VoIP: extension 4107

At the heart of the North American Appalachian Mountains in Virginia, MyDLLURTH continues a tradition of empowering the community of computer users through education, customizations, network enhancements, and other services. MyDLLURTH started in 1988 as Bytes & Pieces, but the change of name in 2001 was not an indication of changed philosophies. Our focus continues on effective computing for everyone; please investigate for more details.

Every month, MyDLLURTH collaborates with LS.Net in a Software Freedom Day celebration. During these celebrations, engineering talent from the southeastern United States of America provide free support for Open Source computing solutions to all celebrants. Check often at for announcements concerning these events.


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