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=== Melissa Draper ===
[[MelissaDraper|Ubuntu Wiki Page]]<<BR>>
[[|Launchpad Page]]
=== Jared Norris ===
[[JaredNorris|Ubuntu Wiki Page]]<<BR>>
[[|Launchpad Page]]

Ubuntu Join in the community: Become a Member | Chat on IRC in #ubuntu-au on Ubuntu

Contact Ubuntu-AU

If you would like to volunteer some time to assist the Australian Team or would like some more information on the various aspects of what we do please get in contact with one of the members below.

Main Team Contact

The main team contact is appointed by the Ubuntu Community Council responsible for providing the link between the Ubuntu-AU team and the overall Ubuntu community. If you have questions or concerns about the group in general then please contact this person.

Jared Norris

Ubuntu Wiki Page
Launchpad Page Website Administrators

These members administer the website, including the addition of new posts. If you would like to have something contributed to the website please get in contact with these members.

Andrew Swinn

Ubuntu Wiki Page
Launchpad Page

Paul Gear

Ubuntu wiki page

Unofficial Local Contacts

Various team members are happy to be contacted about Ubuntu issues of local interest. Check out AustralianTeam/ContactUs/UnofficialLocalContacts for details.

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