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## This is a template file that has been customised for the Ubuntu-AU Team
## Feel free to use modify this to use for any project or team.
## Using this page will help keep the new pages in some sort of order and similar format across the team's wiki

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= Where to from here? = == Where to from here? ==

Ubuntu Join in the community: Become a Member | Chat on IRC in #ubuntu-au on Ubuntu

Becoming a Member

What to do first

There are not many requirements for becoming a member of the Ubuntu-au team. In fact, if you are an Australian user of Ubuntu, we'd love to have you join us. Preferably you will be a member of Launchpad before joining, and will also have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.


Becoming a member is easy. All that you have to do is add yourself to the members page. Your name is, well, your name (obvious). Wikiname is the name that you are signed into the Ubuntu wiki with, your Launchpad account. Your IRC Nickname is the name you use on IRC, Preferably you will have registered this nickname on the irc network. Location is pretty obvious. Please also join our mailing list. You should also add yourself to the Launchpad team list.

Help!!! I don't understand

No problems. If you need a hand with any of this (signing the CoC is not the easiest thing Wink ;) ) you are more than welcome to join the IRC chat channel to ask for some assistance. Using your favourite IRC client simply join #ubuntu-au or you can use the browser based Freenode Webchat instead. If you are still experiencing difficulty you can also send an email to the mailing list.

Why Join

The members of Ubuntu-au are what make the Ubuntu Australian team happen. As a member you can obtain support in the #ubuntu-au channel on and on the ubuntu-au mailing list. You can also have a say in the ubuntu-au group. Additionally, as a member, you may choose to support and participate in any of our Projects.

Please join the Australian Ubuntu team to help Ubuntu in Australia.

Where to from here?

After you have signed up the the Ubuntu-AU group it can often be a little exciting and people want to get in straight away and fix everything. The best way to become involved is to follow the mailing list and join in to help other users or have your say on a topic . The other option is to become active in the Ubuntu-AU IRC channels. By following these methods of communication it will become apparent that there are things needing to be done and people needing to be helped so feel free to jump in at any stage. If you want to get in and start doing things check out our Ubuntu-AU projects page. This will show you what sort of activities we are currently undertaking and you can add your own if you have an idea you would like help with.

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