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Ubuntu Ubuntu-MM Un-Official Office is Since 16/Nov/2012 Ubuntu

Key Details

Notes: : Cause of our country network connection difficulties, in mailing list, we used u4mm group mail instead of and to substitute IRC, we used

Ubuntu Member


  • To expand the ubuntu users community in our country

  • To provide technical support and teaching about ubuntu by opening Ubuntu Introduction Courses.

Note: :Since internet connection in our country is terribly slow, we'll provide local repository servers in numerous places, to provide offline installation and updating.

  • To publish a monthly magazine about Ubuntu with Knowledge Bridge.

  • Making wiki for every version of Ubuntu released for Local Community at Ubuntu Myanmar Wiki

  • Making and translating user guides for every new Ubuntu user from Myanmar ,u4mm User Guide is still in process.

  • Making tutorial videos for local ubuntu users.

Translation and Localization

We had finished ubuntu version (11.04) wiki in Burmese Language. Our team is currently trying to work on Ubuntu Burmese Localization.We also having an event on 30 October 2011, to discuss about Linguistic of making standardized Burmese words and vocabulary on Ubuntu System.Currently our team members are translating Ubuntu-manual to Burmese Language (offline) and about 40% completed.


List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:

  • Ubuntu Intro and installation at BAK shopping centre ,Yangon on 22,23 of November 2009.

U-Day yangon U-Day yangon
Click Here to see more photos about U-Day @Yangon.

BarCamp-Yangon photos BarCamp-Yangon photos BarCamp-Yangon photos
Click Here to see more photos about Ubuntu@Barcamp-Yangon.

BarCampMandalay BarCampMandalay
Click Here to see more photos about Ubuntu@BarCamp-Mandalay.

  • Taungyi city Erider Ubuntu Intro on

U@TaungGyi U@TaungGyi
Click Here to see more photos about U@Taunggyi.

  • Muse city Ubuntu installation for Monastery

U@Muse U@Muse U@Muse
Click Here to see more photos about U@Muse.

  • Ubuntu camp 2010 and 2011 at Yangon

Ubuntu Camp Yangon photos Ubuntu Camp Yangon photos Ubuntu Camp Yangon photos
Click Here to see more photos about U@Yangon.

  • Ubuntu intro class at free education centre of monastery ( Manaw rama and Pitze maryon)

U@ManawRama U@ManawRama U@ManawRama
Click Here to see more photos of U@Manaw rama.

  • Ubuntu Introduction,Installation event @ Bagan on 2011.

U@Bagan U@Bagan U@Bagan
Click Here to see more photos of U&Bagan.

  • Installation week for Ubuntu at six internetcafes about 12 days and give basic class.

U@Yangon U@Yangon U@Yangon U@Yangon U@Yangon U@Yangon
Click Here to see more photos about U@Yangon.


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